We help our clients understand and mitigate their security risks and respond to incidents effectively.

Our services are carefully designed to meet the needs of the individual or organisation. From providing regional security analysis to crisis management response services, our industry-leading risk management methodology ensures quality and consistency in everything we do.


Our team consists of experts from a diverse range of backgrounds including the police, the military and intelligence agencies, to NGOs and the extractives sector. All have a deep understanding of their areas of expertise, giving our clients access to unique insight and decades of experience. We utilise the most relevant international risk management standards and understand the importance of benchmarking against practices which are proven to work in the real world.


The flexibility of our approach ensures our solutions are built from the bottom up and do not follow a templated model. The needs of our clients are inherently varied; we recognise the importance of listening to and understanding their requirements in order to design unique solutions.


We understand that our ability to deliver timely assistance and advice, aligned with budget and risk appetite, is vital to our clients’ objectives. We pride ourselves on being agile and responsive to client requests when it really matters and on turning projects around quickly. Where possible, we provide a single point of contact who will take personal responsibility for responding swiftly and building a strong relationship with you.


Whether in a developed market or a complex frontier environment, we ensure our clients receive the same expert service. Our regional offices give us truly global reach and are augmented with a comprehensive network of retained consultants, local sources and advisors, enabling us to respond quickly and deliver effectively.

Global Security Insight

Managing security risk successfully starts with a comprehensive understanding of the unique scenarios and threats which are faced.  We keep our clients informed throughout their operations; from the conception of a new venture, through to the conclusion of the project.

Our dedicated regional analysts combine multilingual, open source intelligence gathering with in-country networks to analyse global risks and understand how they affect our clients’ people, operations and lifestyle.

Our reporting is succinct, focused and designed to be easily understood by non-specialists so that our clients spend less time reading and more time acting on our analysis. Our recommendations are clear and concise so that they can be understood and implemented from boardroom to project level.

Threat Reporting

Our regional specialists maintain oversight of global threats and developing trends to provide information for our clients’ new ventures and ongoing operations.
Our threat reporting is focused on the specific areas which interest our clients. It can be responsive and event-triggered, or set to a regular schedule, and delivered in a variety of formats. When an event takes place that affects our clients’ operations, we ensure that they have the information and analysis required to enable timely decision making.

Security Risk Assessments

S-RM has combined the most effective aspects of leading risk management methodologies to develop our market-leading Security Risk Assessment process. We assess the key risk factors of likelihood, consequence and vulnerability in order to obtain the clearest indication of the risk exposure of an asset or operation under review.
Our objective is to cut through the ‘noise’ generated by traditional methods in order to deliver sensible, achievable recommendations for risk mitigation which are grounded in the reality of your operating environment.

We work with some of the world’s largest companies and most prominent families, and are trusted to plan, implement and consolidate innovative security solutions across the full range of their projects and operations.

With our help, our clients meet the highest standards of security and employee welfare.

Security Planning

We help our clients develop and implement pragmatic security risk mitigation plans ranging from strategic level policies to operational level procedures. Whether developing new plans from scratch or advising on the improvement of existing ones, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Our Planning Services include the development of:

  • Corporate security risk management policies
  • Project security plans
  • Site security plans
  • Exploration security plans
  • Journey management plans
  • Incident response plans
  • Evacuation plans

Specialist Advisory

Our senior in-house consultants advise clients on complex risk management issues at the highest levels of government and the private sector.

Some examples from the last two years include:

  • Expert advisory and witness support to a national government, in a major commercial arbitration case.
  • Implementation of critical national infrastructure security solutions for an International Oil Company operating in the Middle East.
  • Writing the Security Risk Management chapters of the bankable feasibility study for a mining mega-project in West Africa.
  • Design Basis Threat (DBT) assessments in support of the architectural and engineering planning for mixed-use developments in Nigeria and Kenya.

Security Management

Careful selection of specialist managers is central to running a successful security function. Our experienced professionals can manage your security arrangements entirely, or provide specialist support to your existing security team, depending on your requirements.

Our Security Management services include:

  • Embedded security managers for long-term projects
  • Security advisors travelling with clients on short-term trips and operations
  • Retained regional advisors
  • Training workshops
  • Retained advisory support from our central team

Travel Advisory

The quality of our travel advisory services reflects the concern our clients have for their employees and their families, and are designed to fit the unique profile of each traveller. Our global reach, regional expertise and extensive local networks ensure we are well placed to provide appropriate advice, forecasting potential security risks and maintaining the safety of travellers worldwide.

Our Travel Advisory services include:

  • Country threat reporting
  • Pre-departure travel briefings
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Visit Support & Personal Protection

We provide visit support and protective services which focus on enabling our clients’ business activities, travel and lifestyle. Our intelligence-led approach ensures the full spectrum of the threat is taken into account and the right balance of security and freedom is maintained.
Our global network of security consultants, close protection officers and providers of vehicles and drivers allows us to deliver consistently high quality services overseas. Understanding the importance of simplicity and continuity, all of our projects are overseen by a dedicated Project Manager providing you with a single point of contact for the duration of the task.


We help clients achieve and maintain security management standards with a range of audit and review services.
Our team is fully conversant with applicable international standards and best practice guidance. Alternatively, we regularly assist clients in auditing against their own in-house standards.

Our Audit services include:

  • Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Benchmarking
  • Gap Analysis
  • Ensuring compliance with locally mandated standards, such as critical national infrastructure requirements.

An effective Crisis Management plan minimises impacts on an organisation’s people, assets and reputation. A fit-for-purpose plan should be accessible and designed to be easily used by the Crisis Management Team.

Whilst fully conversant with BS 11200, our in-house Crisis Management consultants focus on providing a flexible approach to planning in order to accommodate your organisation’s requirements.

Review & Recommendations

  • A review of your existing crisis management functions and approach to crisis response
  • Prioritised options for improvements, aligned with your budget


  • We work with you to rebuild your Crisis Management plans innovatively and in line with best practice
  • Improved plans and new functions are tested and adjusted to ensure complete compatibility within your business

Training & Exercising

  • Short, interactive training workshops to educate key staff on their crisis responsibilities
  • Immersive, realistic and dynamic scenario-based exercises to challenge your functions and expose weaknesses


S-RM has a 24/7, dedicated 18 person strong Response Team strategically positioned around the world to respond to crises. The team specialises in response to reputational crises, kidnap, threat extortion, cyber extortion, hostage taking, malicious product tampering, active assailant events, illegal detention and marine piracy.

Our team comprises former Special Forces, law enforcement and intelligence personnel who are supported by our Cyber, Security and Business Intelligence teams.

In a crisis, our specialist response consultants are deployed to join and guide your Crisis Management Team. We offer a strategic viewpoint, guidance on media communications, and stakeholder management and assistance across the spectrum of crisis considerations.