Equality, diversity, and inclusion are central to S-RM’s strategic agenda and form a key part of our ongoing conversations about the kind of workplace we want to be.  

We want to foster an environment where people are valued for the individual experiences and perspectives that they bring. Being open to these differences makes us better at what we do, adding value for our clients as well as making S-RM a better place to work.  

In all corners of the firm, from our most senior team members to our newest joiners, colleagues are considering how issues such as gender, race, sexuality, and disability shape our experiences and how we approach our professional lives. 



We have a dedicated EDI lead, Maria Petnga-Wallace, who drives our EDI agenda, chairs the EDI Council and works with the Executive Committee to ensure accountability at the highest levels in the company. 

We worked with Challenge Consultancy, a company with extensive experience and expertise in building more inclusive workplaces, to understand what we do well, highlight what needs to be improved and develop a strategy on how to do so. 


THE EDI Council

We have an active EDI Council, with members from across our different locations, which creates opportunities for employees to raise awareness around the issues which affect them, and to suggest ways in which the company’s culture can adapt to reflect this.  

In addition to representing colleagues’ views, the Council also holds events to mark key dates throughout the year, including Black History Month, LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and International Women’s Day. 

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