S-RM provides bespoke monitoring solutions that support your organisation with ongoing intelligence globally. We expand your ability to stay ahead of the market and on top of risks by trawling through millions of content and data sources in real time and then rapidly providing expert insights to support your decision making. Through a combination of advanced data analytics and human expertise, we empower leading organisations to understand their changing environment and respond effectively to emerging threats and opportunities.

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We offer a range of monitoring and horizon-scanning solutions, which can be combined and tailored to match your organisation’s specific needs.

Integrity Risk Monitoring 

We take the strain out of trying to stay up to date about the integrity and compliance risks posed by third parties, customers, and partners. We constantly screen entities and individuals against over 90,000 news media and sanctions sources in over 90 languages. Our regional experts validate possible red-flag events, and then send clearly written alerts directly to our clients. Say goodbye to false positives.

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We give organisations ongoing commercial insights into their customers, markets and the wider competitive, regulatory and political landscape. We feed into a range of teams and functions, from business development and growth to business strategy and competitor analysis.


We support organisations globally with ongoing security threat monitoring. We identify and assess political and security developments posing a threat to people and assets on the ground. Our clients receive local, hyper-relevant intelligence feeds keeping them abreast of dynamic operating environments.


We provide ongoing reputation intelligence to leading organisations to support effective, responsive brand and reputation management. Using sentiment analysis, we track changes in an organisation’s profile in print, online, and social media, and quickly escalate emerging trends and threats to decision makers.


We give organisations early warning about attempts to steal or trade their data on the dark web. Our analysts use established aliases, multi-lingual expertise and specialist scraping tools to continuously gather threat data from dark web markets, sites and underground forums. Our team then provides timely alerts and critical context around dark web threats directly to our clients.


We help private equity and venture capital firms keep informed about their portfolio businesses and management teams. We can track a range of threats and areas of interest, from adverse media about products and services, through to stolen data being leaked on dark-web forums.


We provide ongoing intelligence for private clients and family offices to help them mitigate emerging cyber and security issues. Our team can monitor dark-web forums for leaked credentials as well as analyse real-time news and social media content for security threats.


We deploy best-in-class technology to provide ongoing analytical support to organisations. We’ve built our own proprietary AI-powered news and risk data monitoring tool that helps our teams rapidly review and analyse the world’s information and then produce alerts for our clients. We also partner with leading technology and data providers to provide bespoke solutions for clients.

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