Good intelligence leads to good decisions, and in the age of information organisations need actionable intelligence more than ever.

We provide our clients with well-sourced intelligence that helps them exploit opportunities and navigate complex risk environments globally.

Our solutions include:

Deep sectoral and regional knowledge, effective collection methodologies and analytical rigour underpin our intelligence work, ensuring that our output is clear, focused and actionable.



Organisations today face unprecedented levels of operational and security risk, from cyber-attacks to regulatory uncertainty, supply-chain disruptions and criminal activity.

By helping them become more resilient, we prepare our clients for the risks of today and tomorrow.

Our solutions include:

  • Resilience programme design and business continuity management plans that reflect the changing nature of diverse risk environments;
  • Crisis management planning and exercising;
  • Cyber security strategy design and policy reviews that align with business objectives and best practice;
  • Cyber security testing, including red teaming, penetration testing and phishing tests;
  • Security risk assessments, audits and gap analyses;

Our approach to strengthening our clients’ resilience across all spheres is highly consultative. We spend time understanding our clients’ specific problems to ensure we deliver tailored solutions that are both sensible and impactful.



An effective response to security and organisational crises is critical to limiting the financial, operational and reputational damage of an incident.

S-RM is a trusted partner when a problem becomes a crisis.

Our solutions include:

Available 24/7/365, our team brings to each new incident the wealth of experience acquired through thousands of prior responses. We minimise the impact of a crisis on our clients by helping them respond and recover swiftly, and emerge more resilient on the other side.