Considering a change in career? Join S-RM and become a cyber incident manager!


What we do

At S-RM, we respond to cyber-attacks affecting our clients every day, helping them recover from debilitating incidents perpetrated by criminals, hostile states and insiders. We help all kinds of organisations from schools to banks and large manufacturing companies. We constantly strive to help victims of attacks recover quicker and more efficiently.


The role

We are looking for natural playmakers with excellent consulting skills to join us, undergo a period of training and ultimately, help lead our response engagements. We believe that a really successful cyber response only happens when you have a group of technical experts working seamlessly with a team leader who can get the best out of them. In our experience, however, the best team leaders often don’t have traditional technical or cyber backgrounds. That’s where you come in.

What we are looking for

We are looking for motivated professionals with or without cyber backgrounds to join our fast-growing team as an cyber incident manager. While we do not need you to have prior cyber security experience, there are five character traits we look for:

  1. Great communication skills
  2. Empathetic and cool in a crisis
  3. Thoughtful approach to solving problems
  4. Instinctively seek the expertise of others and bring diverse skillsets together to achieve goals
  5. Enjoy learning new subject matter


How will we help you start your new career

To really do this job well you will need both great consulting skills, but also to learn the fundamentals of how networks and security technologies work. We are not expecting you to learn this overnight and we have a plan to get you there. We will provide an comprehensive training programme including external courses and hands on training from experienced S-RM team members across the first 6 months of your time at S-RM to get you up to speed.

Get in Touch

If this sounds like you, we’d like to have a conversation. Please get in touch with your CV and expression of interest here

The successful candidate must have permission to work in the UK by the start of their employment.

S-RM nurtures a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion and we are dedicated to developing a workforce that displays a variety of talents, experiences and perspectives.