When a complex problem hits it can cause severe disruption and even threaten an organisation’s viability. Complex problems are usually unpredictable, and they have opaque root causes, making them difficult to resolve. Even organisations with a developed risk management framework will experience confusion when faced with this type of challenge.

At S-RM, we never lose sight of the need to manage consequences and stabilise a situation as quickly as possible.

Complex projects, structures and systems often present stakeholders with an array of interconnected challenges, including security, operational, financial and reputational risks. When something goes wrong, the consequences can manifest in different parts of the system, often in unexpected ways. Working closely with in-house teams and other advisors, we enable you to clear a path forward and recommend the most appropriate remedies.

Our security risk management professionals bring rigour and judgement to identifying practical solutions to the most difficult problems.

Our team specialises in applying insights from investigative procedure, root cause analysis, complex systems management and human behavioural factors to bring coherence to unusual and chaotic situations.


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