Companies need to comply with a range of regulations, including money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption, sanctions and counter-terrorism financing laws. They are also coming under increasing pressure to consider the environmental, social and governance implications of their operations.

Our compliance due diligence reporting gives you rapid insights into business integrity and compliance risks, without delay to your operations. 

Risks can arise throughout the business cycle, for example:

  • A company may unknowingly handle laundered funds if it accepts an investment from a corrupt client or associate
  • A multinational corporate with a long supply chain may be unaware that its representatives are paying bribes on its behalf
  • A company may breach sanctions obligations if it does not monitor changes to the beneficial ownership of its partners

The penalties for failing to comply with integrity regulations are severe. Companies can face punitive fines and serious reputational damage. At worst, a company may lose its licence to operate or be blacklisted.

Our multilingual regional teams leverage industry-leading open-source intelligence analytics and a global network of country and industry contacts, providing you with the insights you need to make the right decisions quickly.

Our services include:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Due Diligence. Many of our financial sector clients, from boutique private banks to global wealth management firms, require detailed due diligence to support on-boarding processes for higher-risk customers and counterparties, focusing on source of wealth, reputational concerns and political exposure. Our specialised due diligence reports identify key wealth creation events, sources of liquidity and provide analysis of financial crime risks.
  • Third Party Due Diligence. We help corporate clients make informed decisions around third party relationships. We provide information to help our clients understand the integrity of suppliers, contractors, partners, agents and other third parties, assessing bribery and corruption, fraud, regulatory, reputational and sanctions risks.
  • Background Checks. Our intelligence gathering can support companies making key hires and appointments. Our background check reports include comprehensive document verification, independent reference checks and enquiries, and detailed public-record analysis to ensure the integrity of hires.
  • Investor Due Diligence. Our dedicated team provides due diligence and training support to citizenship-by-investment and investor-visa programmes run by government agencies worldwide. Learn more.




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