Reaching the level of cyber resilience that your organisation needs is a complex process that includes security operations, processes and culture.

With over 250 cyber security experts, crisis management professionals and intelligence analysts, we work with you to develop and implement cyber security solutions which give you confidence that your security meets your needs.

Our services include:

  • Security strategy: we work with your stakeholders to design a strategy aligned with your business objectives and regulatory requirements.
  • Security performance management: we implement controls and frameworks to demonstrably improve your security.
  • Policy review: we ensure your privacy and cyber security policies align with best practice and are understood and followed on a consistent basis.
  • Due diligence: we preserve and enhance value by identifying cyber risks to acquisition targets. Find out more.
  • Incident response planning and exercising: we develop, exercise and review response plans and procedures against security best practice.
  • Cyber threat intelligence: we help you prevent cyber attacks by providing information on the cyber threats that are targeting your business.



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