Major cyber incidents place intense stress and scrutiny on even the most experienced internal teams. In these circumstances, the right response can make the difference between a swift resolution, and a prolonged organisational crisis.

S-RM has responded to over 1,000 attacks, including ransomware, mailbox compromise and theft of data by insiders. We respond quickly and effectively to help you reduce the financial, operational and reputational impact of a breach.

We bring to each new incident the wealth of experience acquired through all of our prior responses.

Our services include:

  • 24/7 support: our consultants offer advice within the first hour, before deploying onsite within 24 hours.
  • Detection and containment: our technical teams establish the extent of the compromise and work with you to prevent its spread across your organisation.
  • Threat actor engagement: we communicate and, where applicable, negotiate with a threat actor on your behalf in a secure and confidential manner.
  • Forensic investigation: we use forensic processes to investigate the source, nature and extent of the breach, capture and preserve necessary evidence, and produce key learnings for enhancing resilience.
  • Crisis management support: we provide a range of crisis management support, including advice on notification obligations, media engagement and business continuity planning. We have extensive experience working with corporate boards and in partnership with global law firms and insurance companies.
  • Restoration and remediation: we ensure your cyber security emerges stronger from any incident by offering recommendations for improvements based on our observations during the response.



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