Cyber Security Insights Report 2023

Discover the key cyber challenges facing large organisations today in our annual cyber insights report.

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How many organisations have recently been impacted by cyber attacks? What types of attack did they face? What is the average cost of a serious incident? These are just some of the questions we answer in the Cyber Security Insights Report 2023. We surveyed 600 senior leaders within large organisations to understand the key cyber issues and challenges they’ve faced over the past 12 months.

This year, we see that across all sectors business are regularly impacted by cyber-attacks, with 63% reporting a major cyber incident within the past three years. And the direct cost of an incident has risen by 11% to USD 1.7 m since 2022. But the types of attack experiences are not uniform and in this year's report we explore how the size and sector of your organisation can influence attack vectors.

We also learned that leaders continue to grapple with security challenges posed by hybrid working while seeking to understand growing advances in technology, such as AI, and the impact they could have on the cyber threats they face


Key findings at a glance


Increase in direct cost of a serious incident


Experienced a serious incident in the past 3 years


Plan to increase their use of AI-based technologies in the next twelve months


Amount cyber budgets increased in 2023

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