Deals hinge on detailed knowledge of management teams, the way businesses have been run, and who they are associated with. Working alongside financial and legal due diligence teams, we help investors identify and price risk by performing investigative and cyber due diligence on M&A targets and JV partners.

Any investor or adviser that has failed to manage integrity and cyber security risks knows that the impact can include direct losses, such as fines and litigation, as well as reputational damage. Beyond integrity and cyber risks, investors also need intelligence to address critical gaps in their knowledge, such as how management teams behave, the health of the target company’s relationships with customers and stakeholders, including regulators.

We undertake due diligence investigations into companies, their management teams and their cyber security protocols to support deals and transactions. We also support with adjacent strategic intelligence requirements, such as country risk analysis, stakeholder mapping, and asset provenance investigations.

We specialise in assessing reputation, corporate governance, track-records, corruption, bribery and other financial crime concerns, political relationships, cyber security, and regulatory dynamics, as well as ethical, social and environmental concerns.

Our team works with corporate boards through to investment teams and IT, legal and compliance professionals, delivering insights that support informed deal-making decisions.


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