Companies are vulnerable to fraud, theft, bribery, corruption, cybercrime and litigation. In a globalised world, complex corporate structures can obscure money flows, the true ownership of assets, or the identity of an adversary. Law firms, businesses and private clients need specialised investigative support in contentious situations such as legal proceedings, commercial disputes and internal investigations.

Our team of experienced investigators is able to identify critical information gaps and uncover the facts, ensuring you are better informed than your opponents and giving you the greatest chance of success.

Disputes are an unfortunate reality of doing business, but must be approached with planning and resolve. If companies, private individuals or their advisors are missing critical information, they can be outwitted in legal proceedings, cheated by competitors or defrauded by their employees. If investigations are not run in a lawful and ethical manner, litigation strategies will be critically undermined.

Our rigorous and transparent methodology gives our clients confidence and has helped us build long-lasting relationships with leading law firms, businesses, governments and private clients. We fill critical gaps in your knowledge and understanding, delivering material commercial impact.

How we work:

  • We have dedicated open source specialists, digital forensic investigators and cryptocurrency blockchain analysts sitting alongside traditional investigators, linguists and regional experts.
  • We leverage our global network of contacts to deliver human intelligence that adds genuine insight and perspective to our findings.
  • Our rigorous analysis and creative approach to the most complex problems provides clear and actionable solutions to our clients.

Our investigations can help you prevent exploitation and financial losses, resolve disputes in your favour and recover funds.


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