16 August 2023

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Vol 6, 2023 | Summary | Global Risk Bulletin

GRB V.6, 2023
Vol 6, 2023 | Summary | Global Risk Bulletin

In this edition of the Global Risk Bulletin, we look at the longer term prospects of unrest in France following the recent riots, unpack the ongoing civil unrest in Peru and its impacts on different sectors of the economy, and discuss the dynamics informing private military company Wagner’s continued operations in Africa.



France’s flashpoints and the ingrained drivers of unrest

Following the shooting of a teenager at a traffic stop outside Paris in late June, protests and rioting rooted in longstanding grievances erupted across France. The French government has so far been unable to effectively address a range of issues affecting citizens particularly in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. While these grievances stand, the potential for further unrest will continue to simmer. Read the article.


Persistent instability: Unrest continues under Boluarte

Peru has been grappling with degrees of political instability since 2016, and frequent leadership changes have hampered government efforts to achieve meaningful reform. With large sections of the population questioning the legitimacy of the sitting president, protests continue to affect a range of sectors including tourism, agriculture, mining and retail. Read the article.


The Wagner Group: Uncertainty at home, continuity abroad?

The extent of the fallout from Wagner’s short-lived coup attempt in Russia in June continues to unfold, with several unanswered questions remaining about the future of the private military company and its leadership. But Russia has benefitted from Wagner’s operations overseas, particularly in Africa. For the time being, at least, it seems likely that Wagner’s African operations will remain largely unmoved by the evolving dynamics between Wagner and the Russian government. Read the article.



Markus Korhonen
Markus Korhonen
Senior Associate, Strategic Intelligence

Markus has over a decade’s experience in political analysis and risk consulting. He joined S-RM in 2018, and since then he has led on a range of projects globally. Within the Strategic Intelligence practice, Markus works with clients to develop tailored intelligence outputs, as well as overseeing S-RM’s Global Security Insight threat intelligence platform.

Before joining S-RM, he worked as a lecturer at the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch, and at Webster University’s campus in Accra, teaching a variety of political science courses including International Political Economy and Comparative Politics. He also worked as a writer for Africa Check, the continent’s first fact-checking organisation. Markus holds an MSc by Research in African Studies from the University of Edinburgh, and an MA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen. He also holds an International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management (IRMCert).

Markus Korhonen
Markus Korhonen

Senior Associate, Strategic Intelligence

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