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Welcome to the autumn edition of S-RM’s Europe & North America bulletin. Since our previous bulletin in July, Germany has gone to the polls in an election seen as a popular judgement on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration and economic policies. While she looks set for her fourth term in the position, the success of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in winning representation in parliament will likely curtail her position on asylum seekers and economic migration. In our feature article, we explore the possible options for coalition, and the likely results these coalitions will have on the commercial environment in the country.

Elsewhere, Catalonia’s bid for independence steps up a gear following an overwhelming popular vote to secede from Spain on 1 October, and Italy’s populist Five Star Movement has appointed a new leader seen as improving the party’s chances of entering government.

The decision by Transport for London to cancel Uber’s taxi operating licence has been viewed by observers opposed to the decision as a sign that London’s authorities are undermining the city’s image as a commercial incubator. We assess, however, that TfL is using the licence as leverage in an effort to counter Uber’s aggressive PR campaigns.

Our Cyber Security department analyses the fallout from the Equifax data leaks, including advice for individuals affected by the leak.

We hope you enjoy this analysis of events in the region, and if you have any questions regarding S-RM’s work here, or elsewhere in the world, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Harriet Lord