A Crude Reality: Security risks and the oil and gas sector  

Our feature article in this quarter’s bulletin explores the various challenges faced by oil and gas companies operating in high threat environments. We examine three key case studies ranging from crime and sabotage in Nigeria, oil theft in Mexico, and militancy in Libya.

 Burkina Faso: A new kidnapping frontier 

Since 2015, there has been a marked increase in the number of Islamist militant kidnapping cases in Burkina Faso and the wider Sahel region. In this article, we explore the footprint of regional and domestic militancy from northern Mali through to Burkina Faso amid a number of recent kidnapping incidents targeting foreign nationals.

 Of Protests and Pirates: Emerging security threats in Venezuela 

As Venezuela’s political crisis continues, we examine how a combination of failed economic policies, corruption and anti-government sentiment has exacerbated the country’s already fragile security landscape. Two prominent security risks have emerged as a consequence: political evacuation and piracy. We explore each in turn in our third article.

 Inherent Vulnerabilities: Islamic State’s resurgence and kidnapping threats in Iraq 

As Islamic State sees its final territorial conquests dismantled, the group has reverted to prior tactics, including kidnapping and extortion in Iraq. In this article, we discuss the resurgent kidnapping threat in the country, as well as some of the challenges faced by an ill-equipped domestic security apparatus in responding to it.

 For God(s) and Country: Religious nationalism and abductions in Asia 

Our final article explores the regional threat faced by religious workers in Asia following the abduction of two Christian pastors in Myanmar, in two separate incidents in early 2019. Both victims were local nationals representing major international Christian charities. With religious nationalism on the rise, especially in countries such as India, the threat to religion-affiliated charity workers remains prominent.