The Yellow Vests: Fuel, Fiscal Injustice & Fury 

On 17 November 2018, nearly 300,000 people began the first in what would become a series of mass anti-government protests. The yellow vests movement was triggered by a proposed fuel tax increase in France, and activists have continued to fill the streets every Saturday since. In this article, we examine the underlying drivers behind the protests and assess what lies ahead for the movement.


 A Threat Reawakened: Al Shabaab’s terror campaign in Kenya 

On 15 January, four gunmen stormed the dusitD2 hotel and office complex in Nairobi, Kenya, in the first complex terrorist attack in the city in six years. The incident serves to highlight the persistent threat of terrorism in Kenya. In this article, we look at what Al Shabaab’s latest assault tells us in terms of the group’s intentions and capabilities in the country.


 Coup’d Up in Gabon: Challenges in central Africa’s stable state 

The attempted coup d’état in Gabon came as a surprise to many. Gabon has long been considered a beacon of stability among its central African neighbours. However, upon closer inspection, inherent vulnerabilities were present in the country’s political structures. In our third article, we explore how these will likely result in an unstable political future for Gabon.

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