Compliance programs with annual checks on customers, partners, and third parties seem increasingly outdated. If there’s a change in circumstance – a new allegation, a change in ownership structure, or adverse media – our clients want to know now, not in several months. But they also don’t want to be swamped with automated alerts for every little event.   

That’s where Monitor comes in. We use AI to collect and categorise thousands of events. Items of interest are then escalated to expert analysts who verify their importance and add context before alerting clients through Portal.    

Every day we monitor thousands of entities and individuals for global clients, including Fortune 100 companies. They trust Monitor to tell them what they need to know, when they need it.  

We Give You Signals, not Noise  

Our workflow includes both automated and human elements to ensure that any alerts which are passed to clients are timely and relevant.   

Step 1: AI research and categorisation: Monitor uses natural language processing and statistical algorithms to identify relevant news and risk events amongst the millions of articles and data processed daily. 

Step 2: Analyst review: any events which are flagged by our systems are reviewed by our multi-lingual analyst team to check they are relevant to the client in question.   

Step 3: Context and analysis: our analysts are all regional specialists and they use that expertise to add context to any alert before passing their analysis onto the client through email and via our bespoke portal.