Amy Francis

Amy Francis

Director, Digital Forensics

Amy leads the growing Digital Forensics practice at S-RM and has a wealth of experience leading complex digital forensics cases including high-profile investigations into corporate and white-collar crime across multiple industries and jurisdictions.

Amy advises executive boards and legal counsel on investigative strategy, and conducts internal investigations often involving intellectual property theft, fraud, embezzlement, sexual misconduct, bribery and corruption.

She provides expert advisory and investigation services to high-profile individuals and other private clients for litigation and bespoke investigations. This commonly relates to defamation and other reputation management, commercial and financial disputes, and criminal defence cases.

Amy acts as an expert witness in civil and criminal court proceedings and has specialised expertise in mobile device forensics.

Prior to joining S-RM, Amy was a Manager at Stroz Friedberg (now Aon Cyber Solutions) in their Digital Forensics and Incident Response practice. Her certifications include GCFE, GCIH, and GASF. Amy holds a BA in Physics from the University of Oxford.


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