Peter Doherty

Peter Doherty

Head of Crisis Response

Peter joined the business in 2016 and leads S-RM’s global crisis response capability, responding to a varied and complex client base, and specializing in 24/7-365 response to critical incidents and security risks; from natural and man-made disasters, terrorism, kidnap and evacuation, to providing resilience against cyber-attacks and security threats. Prior to joining S-RM, he was a highly experienced senior Detective at New Scotland Yard, with 30 years’ experience conducting major investigations within Specialist Operations including counterterrorism; homicide; serious & organized crime and sensitive intelligence.

As Deputy Head of the UK’s Hostage & Crisis Negotiation Unit (HCNU), he personally advised Government at national and international level on complex kidnap and hostage negotiation issues and has trained specialist law enforcement, military, and security services across the globe on best practice. He has extensive overseas operational experience including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Indian sub-continent, and the Americas.

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