Political and security risks are the product of constantly changing local dynamics and geopolitical trends. However, understanding how these might impact you can be a difficult task.

Our political and security risk analysis services provide you with a clear picture of the issues most pertinent to your operations.

S-RM understands that organisations need relevant and reliable intelligence to ensure they are prepared to face a wide range of threats. Cutting through the noise, our analysts source relevant information, analyse its implications, and deliver bespoke advice which fulfils your unique intelligence requirements.

Our team delivers clear, concise, actionable intelligence which will enable you to make decisions with confidence

Our services range from routine threat monitoring to complex country and sector analysis and scenario mapping. S-RM has over 50 in-house security risk specialists and a dedicated team of intelligence analysts divided across six regional desks covering every territory across the world. Our analysts constantly track and forecast global security, political, commercial and regulatory developments, delivering forward-looking intelligence monitors and risk assessments.

Beyond our bespoke solutions, S-RM’s Global Security Insight (GSI) is a digital platform providing daily alerts and background information on social and political unrest, political violence, crime and other security risks across the globe. Request a demo.

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