Managing a project workflow can be complex, especially when you are dealing with sensitive information. Using email can make it hard to keep everyone informed on progress, exchange documents securely, and keep a record of the process.  

Portal changes all that. Any S-RM project can be run in Portal from start to finish – from the initial request, to proposals, ongoing communication, and data storage.  

Using Portal means our clients spend less time searching through emails and more time focusing on critical decisions.   

Key Features

  • Report dashboard: view upcoming deadlines, completed reports, and key metrics such as spend, report volume, and regional breakdown. 
  • Comprehensive search: filter and sort projects to stay on top of upcoming deadlines and quotes, and easily find completed reports.   
  • Alerts and notifications: keep track of all your projects by receiving alerts and notifications as each stage is completed.
  • Projects and groups: organise your work by adding your colleagues to projects so you all receive the same notifications and messages. You can also restrict access to sensitive projects by limiting group membership.
  • Support and training: we provide ongoing training and helpdesk support to ensure you make the most of Portal.