Asia Pacific’s vast size brings with it a broad range of different cultures, economic structures, historical links and political systems, resulting in a complex investment destination or operating environment. The dynamics of some of the region’s economies mean that fraud, corporate governance, political exposure and environmental factors represent potential issues for our clients. Asia Pacific has largely avoided transformational political upheavals in recent years; nonetheless, country- and provincial-level insecurity continues to affect business operations in some parts of the region.

Work delivered by our Corporate Intelligence team has included: providing early-stage advice to clients entering complex markets, such as Myanmar, Bangladesh and Vietnam; conducting pre-transactional due diligence on investment targets in China, Indonesia and India; and, with Asian participation in global supply chains commonplace, reviewing the integrity, reputation and track record of existing and new counterparties. In addition, our Crisis Management team has delivered in-country security risk assessments of sites in Pakistan, Thailand and Indonesia, and provided crisis management training and consultancy across the region.

Enhanced Due Diligence investigation – India

A financial services client approached S-RM with concerns regarding the source of wealth of one of their counterparties, an Indian national. Specifically, the client suspected that the counterparty was providing misleading information regarding their source and level of wealth. Following enquiries with relevant industry professionals in India, we confirmed that the counterparty’s estimation of their key asset’s value was perceived to have been significantly over-inflated, and revealed that the subject was linked to an ongoing international fraud investigation.

Kidnap response – The Philippines

A multinational client had a long-time executive employee kidnapped while on holiday. Response consultants were assigned to support the client’s crisis management team. Our consultants managed communications and negotiations with the group holding the hostages. The client faced international press reporting, complex and sensitive family management issues, and multi-jurisdictional law enforcement involvement.

The advice provided by S-RM’s response consultants ensured the client’s efforts to secure the release of their employee were managed effectively.

Country Risk Report – Myanmar

A multinational corporate client requested a country-level risk report to assist with a major proposed transaction in Myanmar. S-RM’s response included members of our Business Intelligence and Crisis Management teams. Using our combined experience of operating in Myanmar, we worked closely with the client to address their precise concerns relating to the transaction and the commercial environment in Myanmar.