In a complex global business, good governance and preparation ensures that in the event of a disruption, the response is effective, and business continues uninterrupted.

We protect your people, reputation, operations, digital landscape, supply chain and competitive advantage.

When organisations don’t understand the risks they face or are inadequately prepared to respond to them, the impact of business disruptions and unexpected outcomes can be financially, operationally and reputationally damaging. Similarly, risk avoidance can lead to missed opportunities, and falling behind the competition. We believe that the better you understand risk the more confident you can be in taking it.

We partner with the world’s leading organisations to design and implement dynamic controls that reflect the changing nature of their risk environment.

Our resilience consulting team can help inform your choices by developing an evidence-based understanding of your risk exposure and communicating it in language that is meaningful to your board. We will design your risk control strategy in a way that is proportionate to the risks you face and reflects your risk appetite, while reducing risk across the business. Through training on incident, emergency, business continuity and crisis management, we will enable you to prepare and respond effectively to disruptive events.

Our resilience advisory services include:

  • Resilience programme design
  • Business continuity management planning
  • Crisis management planning and exercising
  • Scenario planning
  • Supply chain risk
  • Assurance and corrective action planning
  • Post incident investigations


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