Asia Investment Survey 2023

Our latest report examines investment sentiment towards the region as it emerges from Covid-19 controls

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Optimism and concerns: investment sentiment towards Asia following Covid-19

On 8 January 2023, China dismantled its last pillar of Covid-19 restrictions and the world's attention turned to Asia to see what would happen next. The region that went into isolation in 2020 is far removed, both economically and politically, from the one that has emerged in 2023. Are investors feeling the pressure from the ‘new macro’? Is fragmentation, geopolitics, and pressure on the global financial system making Asia less attractive?

Our research brings together views from both private and corporate investors. We spoke to over 400 senior decision-makers across China, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, UK, Gulf and Western Europe. They told us about their views on the emerging opportunities, risks and structural dynamics they are seeking to navigate in Asia post Covid-19.

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Key insights from the report

Long-term assumptions and optimism about growth in Asia remain in place and do not appear to have been significantly impacted by Covid-19 or the ‘new macro’.

Concerns are proliferating and investment consensus breaks down around which strategies and Asian sub-regions are best placed to benefit from the changing dynamics and risks associated with current conditions.

Financial services and fintech are consistently seen as the biggest opportunities for investment in Asia, across all sub-regions.


Agree Asia is important to their overall investment or expansion strategy in the next 5 years


Agree that corporate governance standards in Asia are a barrier to investment in the region


Say evidence of strong local economic growth is a top reason for investing in Asia

Uncover the insights

In this short video, S-RM’s Morgan Stark and Anna Beare - both based in Hong Kong - are  joined by Kath Lau in Singapore to introduce the S-RM Asia Investment Survey 2023. The survey was conducted in February 2023, capturing investor sentiment towards the region right at the very moment it started to open up fully after the Covid 19 pandemic.

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