What we do

Risk assessments

Security management system design and implementation planning: industry-leading security risk assessment and design methodology

Political risk forecasting

Enabling clients to understand the political environments they are operating in and put measures in place to manage any potential business interruptions.

Security Management

The provision of experienced professionals to manage the security requirements of major projects. Responsibilities can include production of site security risk assessments, implementing security plans, recruitment and training of guard forces, and the writing of detailed incident response procedures.

Duty of care services

Duty of Care refers to an employer’s moral and legal obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, contractors and family members. This obligation applies to all work related activity, whether staff are posted on international assignments or operating in their home country. At S-RM we are experienced at helping companies meet and exceed their Duty of Care objectives in a cost effective manner. Our Duty of Care services include entry level products, such as our Global Security Insight website and travel security courses, as well as a range of consultancy and security services that can be tailored to suit every need.

Supplier on-boarding

We support compliance teams at extractive firms with due diligence on suppliers and third party agents, providing a range of reporting, from red-flag checks through to on-the-ground investigations.

Transactional Due Diligence

We understand the risks inherent in license acquisitions in the extractives sector in emerging markets. We offer our clients detailed analysis of asset provenance, and use our expertise to provide the context around any allegations levelled at potential acquisition targets, allowing our clients to take informed decisions as to how to proceed.