With clients ranging from single family offices and royal families, to entrepreneurs, sports professionals and celebrities, our service offering is discreet, professional and responsive.

The team has a vast depth of experience leveraging off in-house security specialists and an established global network enabling our service to be delivered faster and more efficiently than our competitors.

Personal Security
  • Close Protection
  • Chauffeuring
  • Security & Lifestyle Reviews
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline
  • Cyber Security
Travel Security
  • Global Travel Security & Logistical support
  • Global Meet & Greet services
  • Incident Response services
  • Mobile phone & vehicle tracking
Residential Security
  • Man guarding
  • Staff Training
  • Technical security consultancy
  • Design
  • Internal investigations
  • Enhanced Due Diligence

Case Studies

Residential Security & Close Protection

In July 2017 we were asked to provide close protection officers to a property in Antibes, France, following a spate of burglaries in the wider area where criminals were using gas to anaesthetise the occupants prior to breaking in and stealing high value goods. We deployed a close protection team to look after the owners and their guests for the duration of the summer.

The team principally provided residential security as well as ad hoc close protection outside the property. During the course of their stay, they delivered security awareness and first aid training to the other members of staff and also conducted a Security Risk Assessment of the property. In September 2017 the Clients and security team departed having had a safe holiday and leaving the villa in a significantly more secure state.

Crisis Management

We were asked to support a private client who had a breach of sensitive personal and business data. The client suspected that it was an internal employee who was at risk of leaking this information to a business competitor and the press. We reacted immediately, bringing in an employment lawyer and a reputation protection & defamation lawyer and commenced contingency planning for a ‘worst case’ and ‘most likely’ case scenarios.

We were able to successfully resolve the situation by understanding who the employee was speaking to, assessing their next moves and imposing rigorous legal restrictions. The client avoided significant personal embarrassment and business financial losses.

Online Profile Assessment and Resiliency Testing

Following the loss of some sensitive financial data, we were tasked with conducting an online profile assessment of a family in order to understand the information that was publicly available on them.
The online profile assessment revealed some significant vulnerabilities, principally through social media and the associations to large off-shore trust companies. Once this data had been collated, we were tasked to conduct a thorough resiliency test to attempt to breach the family and business by any means possible. This led to the selection of two assets (the family office in Switzerland and a residential property in London) to breach.

We carried out a Technical Breach of the IT network followed by a Physical Breach of the properties. The results were presented in a thorough review with all family stakeholders and key support staff and benchmarked against other single family offices.