The need for robust due diligence and ongoing cyber and integrity support has never been greater. We have experience advising on over 750 transactions throughout the deal cycle through 175+ regional specialists, an expert global advisory network and our in-house cyber diligence team.

How we can help you

Transactional Due Diligence

We support private equity and venture capital firms by helping them to make better informed investment decisions and to comply with regulatory demands.

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Corporate intelligence support

Deals hinge on detailed knowledge of management teams, the way businesses have been run, and who they are associated with. Where are the skeletons? Has the business been involved in corruption or fraud? What are the backgrounds and connections of the principals? How were key assets or licenses acquired? Our investigations combine multi-lingual regional specialists, industry-leading open-source intelligence analytics, and a global network of country and industry contacts. We help private equity firms move beyond the headline news to address the complex intelligence questions that matter most to a deal.

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Cyber security assessments

Buying a business increasingly means buying data, and that means buying into past, present, and future data security problems. Recent breaches have brought home the importance of understanding cyber security risks prior to acquisitions and investments. Our security experts assess cyber risks, vulnerabilities, existing controls, and compliance with local data and privacy laws. We also undertake penetration tests to demonstrate how a cyber attacker might exploit vulnerabilities. We then provide clear recommendations for cyber risk mitigation to help you navigate the deal and plan for the future. We can also undertake similar engagements for portfolio companies and private equity and venture capital firms themselves.

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Political and Regulatory Risk Analysis

Gaining a clear understanding of political, regulatory, policy and security developments often defines the success of a deal. Our regional teams provide market entry and country assessments that address a range of macro- and micro-level questions

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Cyber regulatory compliance

We assist private equity firms and their portfolio companies preparing for and meeting cyber security and data privacy regulatory requirements, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We make the path to compliance as simple as possible by using proven, time- and cost-effective methods to obtain and maintain compliance with local laws and regulations. We also help clients to identify strategies that could aid them in minimizing their compliance requirements.
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We provide Monitor, our proprietary red-flag monitoring technology, to a range of private equity and venture capital firms. We use machine learning and natural language processing technology to analyse over 5 million articles per day to identify red flags as they arise. We help clients stay informed about their investments and investors, from portfolio companies and their executive teams and key affiliates through to limited partners and their ultimate beneficial owners.

AML compliance

We work with compliance teams at private equity firms to conduct enhanced due diligence on limited partners (LPs) to mitigate money laundering and other financial crime risks. Our reporting focuses on ultimate beneficial ownership, source of wealth and political exposure in addition to sanctions and criminal investigations and proceedings.

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