We support clients throughout the investment cycle. We help private equity firms make better investment decisions and comply with regulatory demands. We also advise on compliance and cyber security for firms and their portfolio companies.



We help clients screen investment opportunities. Our regional desks undertake systematic pre-diligence red-flag analysis to identify headline concerns early, such as criminal proceedings or sanctions against an investment target.

Transactional due diligence

Our approach to due diligence investigations is flexible and intelligence-led, incorporating extensive industry and regional experience of our regional teams in addition to the insights of our advisors and contacts worldwide. We help clients with a range of diligence challenges, from understanding the reputation and track record of an executive team, to investigating bribery and corruption allegations concerning a key asset or license, to analysing the relationship between an investment target and a local government or regulator. Our flexible model allows for various options, from targeted analysis to comprehensive investigative due diligence.

Political risk forecasting

Alongside transactional due diligence projects, we provide country and regional assessments to inform decision-making across macro-level political, economic, operational and security risks, including scenario-planning and stakeholder mapping.

Cyber due diligence

We combine all of our cyber assessment and regulatory support services and apply them to the investment due diligence process in order to identify cyber risks that could devalue a deal. Our cyber assessment services identify risks and the effectiveness of the controls put into place to mitigate them. Our security experts understand the cyber regulatory environment and will investigate current and historical compliance with any local laws and regulations that may apply. Our assessments include recommended risk remediation actions so that improvements can be made prior to a deal closing.


Cyber security assessments

We help private equity clients assess the cyber security posture of their portfolio companies. Our assessments profile an organisation’s risks and provide advice on how to mitigate them in a cost-effective manner. We also test the effectiveness of security measures via vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, social engineering tests and incident management exercises. We focus on explaining technical issues in simple language so our findings can be understood and acted on throughout an organisation.

Cyber regulatory compliance

We assist clients preparing for and meeting cyber security and data privacy regulatory requirements, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We make the path to compliance as simple as possible by using our deep regulatory experience that relies upon proven, time- and cost-effective methods to obtain and maintain compliance with local laws and regulations. We also help clients to identify strategies that could aid them in minimizing their compliance requirements, or even avoid them if possible.


We provide a range of managed ongoing monitoring services to the private equity industry. We use machine learning and natural language processing technology to identify red flags as they arise, analysing over 5 million articles each day. We help clients stay informed about their investments and investors, from portfolio companies and their executive teams and key affiliates through to limited partners and their ultimate beneficial owners.


AML compliance

We also work with compliance teams at private equity firms to conduct due diligence on limited partners (LPs) to mitigate money laundering and other financial crime risks. Our reporting focuses on ultimate beneficial ownership, source of wealth and political exposure in addition to sanctions and criminal investigations and proceedings.