What we do

By their nature, clients in shipping, aviation and logistics often have to enter frontier jurisdictions in advance of other multinationals, and therefore have a need for increased reputational and security risk comprehension. We assist them in operating in these high-risk jurisdictions.

All of our services are designed to protect clients’ employees, assets, information, reputation and brand in high-risk, as well as traditionally low-risk, jurisdictions. We focus on quality, responsiveness and innovation and are committed to building long-term trusted relationships.

Country risk

We help clients understand macro-level trends through analysis of regulatory, security and political developments.

Risk assessments

We provide assessment of ports, airports and other infrastructure hubs.

incident management

We have team members across the world who are able to respond to security incidents quickly and effectively.

security advisory

We provide direct advice to clients to enable the continuation of their operations.

third party due diligence

We help clients with a range of due diligence challenges, from understanding the reputation and track record of a local partner, to investigating bribery and corruption allegations concerning a key regional figure.