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Whether you are operating a stadium, sports venue, concert hall or festival site, any large concentration of people is vulnerable to a wide range of security threats.

At one end of the spectrum, large public events provide an attractive opportunity for petty criminals and drug dealers. At the other end, they present a potential target for terrorist attacks. In all cases, it is essential that sites are subject to thorough planning and rigorous security measures in order to ensure the public‘s wellbeing.

At S-RM we arm you with the insight, processes and expert security knowledge required to implement prevention measures, manage crises and minimise business interruption. Drawing on our proven crisis management and cyber security capabilities, we will deliver you timely, customised and innovative solutions that ensure your venue offers exceptional levels of security protection, while safeguarding visitors’ enjoyment and experience.

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SECURITY in the built environment

The issue of security in venue preparation and construction is a high priority for event organisers, landowners and local authorities alike. The growing perception of the vulnerability of publicly accessible spaces results in a requirement to reassure the customer without detracting from the design or feel of a venue. Organisers, developers and designers are therefore seeking to understand the threat picture and implement creative security solutions, both at the design stage and completed venue construction retrospectively.

To address this need, S-RM have developed a team of dedicated specialists centred on security for venue development and construction. Following the initial security review and design stage, an S-RM security expert will be available to further assist with:

  • Guidance on the production of advanced security policies and procedures appropriate to the space and environment
  • Support with designing and implementing crisis management procedures
  • Advice on the writing of tender documentation for technical and physical security measures

COVERT Security

We provide teams of undercover surveillance operatives to blend in among the crowds at large sporting events, festivals, concerts and venues. Our highly experienced operatives come from a range of backgrounds across UK special forces, police and intelligence, and are trained to recognise suspicious behaviour and identify threat actors such as potential terrorists, drug dealers and criminals.

Using covert communications the operatives direct the relevant security personnel at the venue to intervene or remove the threat actor, achieving heightened security while causing the minimum level of disruption.


Our Crisis Management team ensures you are armed with the knowledge, processes and physical support you need to prevent, prepare for and respond to unexpected crises with confidence and speed. Our consultants draw on experience of managing a broad spectrum of incidents, including emergencies at large public events, industrial disasters, public relations crises and terrorist attacks.

Working closely with you, our Crisis Preparation specialists can help you design practical plans that are fully compatible with your business and enable you to respond quickly to unfolding events by ensuring your front-line responders are in tune with your top-level decision-makers. Through training and exercises, our experts will also help you liaise effectively with authorities and stakeholders, control the public narrative and minimise business impact.

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We ensure your physical security measures are supported by specialist cyber services, so you can provide comprehensive protection for your assets and customers. Our focus is always on ensuring that event-goers are safe and your organisation’s assets and reputation are secure.

Working closely with your own security, our multi-disciplinary team of cyber security consultants, ethical hackers and incident responders will test and secure key systems controlling event access, surveillance, crowd management and customer data during events. This is complemented with cyber incident preparation exercises and monitoring of dark and deep web sources for threat actor activity.

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Providing crisis management and covert security at the highest profile meeting in the horse racing calendar.



Following a surge in terror incidents in Europe in 2016, the client requested an extensive security risk assessment to highlight security vulnerabilities, provide recommendations to mitigate against these and ensure the safety of the 295,000 fans in attendance. This involved a detailed analysis of the threats posed to the event, with a specific focus on terrorism.



Working closely with the in-house venue security team, we conducted a security risk assessment and provided detailed recommendations. Solutions ranged from hostile vehicle mitigation barriers, bag searching and the use of scanners, to crisis management exercises and emergency planning measures. Counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics profiling was also provided.

During the event, our highly experienced, former special forces and police surveillance operatives were deployed in plain clothes in a counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics capacity. In conjunction with police sniffer dogs, they covertly flagged up those engaged in the sale and use of drugs during the event to police and event staff, who subsequently arrested or removed the offenders from the grounds.



Our discreet counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics profiling ensured those in attendance were kept safe, without having their enjoyment disturbed. Our proven approach has led to us being retained by the client for the past three seasons, with terrorism dropping to third on their list of concerns this has allowed focus on more routine threats.