The COVID-19 pandemic brought uncertainty unlike anything the world has seen since the end of the second world war. The economic and social impacts of the virus will be far-reaching and varied. In coming months, governments and businesses will need to continue to invest substantial resources in dealing with its immediate and longer-term effects.

Civil unrest is among the most immediate security consequences of the pandemic. Over the past weeks, social unrest has increased both in countries with vulnerable economies and societies and in some of the wealthiest economies. With economic pressures disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable, the economic situation is likely to exacerbate existing political and social tensions, driving the risk of socio-political instability.


Impact on the ground

Beyond the immediate impact on revenue streams, workforces and supply chains; the people and assets of organisations are increasingly vulnerable in times of civil unrest.

Even well-prepared firms would not have planned for something as unpredictable as COVID-19 and many have struggled to adapt to the new reality. Similarly, with the virus continuing to spread worldwide, physical security of people and assets remains at the top of a growing list of concerns.


How we can help

Strong mitigation, actionable plans, and the ability to adapt responses to a situation as it unfolds are the goals in the face of such tremendous uncertainty. S-RM’s security consultants will be able to support you with:

  1. Understanding the drivers and your exposure to the risk
  2. Thinking ahead by developing mitigation, plans and responses
  3. Pressure testing your plans

This might include:

  • Understanding and monitoring the threat and upgrading your mitigation;
  • Developing and playing out most-likely and worst-case scenarios to test your mitigation and response plans;
  • Understanding your business continuity planning, in particular your security resilience;
  • Understanding the new limits of emergency services’ response;
  • Understanding how likely you are to be targeted in the event of civil unrest; and
  • Understanding the business (as well as security) consequences of civil unrest.


Please contact us here for further information or to request support in any of these areas.

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