Our work is founded on the knowledge, experience and contacts of our regional teams combined with leading data analytics and technology.

We work with clients throughout their organisation, from executives and board members through to compliance professionals, investment teams, and legal counsel.

Objective assessments, targeted reporting

Our teams provide objective assessments. We rigorously test information and sources and provide critical context to make sense of complex political, social and commercial dynamics. We focus on the issues, not the noise around them.

Open source analytics

Industry-leading open-source intelligence analysis sits at the heart of our business. Our analysts use a range of specialist investigative tools and open-source research techniques, quickly turning massive volumes of information and data into clear, actionable intelligence.

Global coverage, local knowledge

Our regional teams are made up of specialists with local knowledge and on-the-ground investigative experience. We are fluent in over 25 languages including Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, French, Japanese, Swahili, Spanish, Portuguese, and Farsi.

Human source insights

We work with well-placed sources worldwide to provide insights into key events, people and organisations, moving well beyond the public record to deliver actionable human-source intelligence.

Client service

Our teams pride themselves on being responsive. We are always available to provide briefings and explain findings over a call or in person.

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We undertake due diligence reporting for compliance, risk and legal teams at many of the world’s leading organisations, from investment banks and wealth managers to governments and multinational companies.

The quality of our reporting and the expertise of our regional teams help clients comply with anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery and corruption (ABC), counter-terrorism financing (CTF) and sanctions regulations, and to reduce their exposure to fraud and reputational damage.

We offer a risk-based approach to ensure that the depth of our reporting matches your exposure, from red-flag checks and detailed public record analyses through to on-the-ground investigations. Our teams provide well-sourced intelligence based on a robust analytical process, ensuring that findings are balanced and objective.

Enhanced Due Diligence AML/CTF

Customers and counter-parties

Reporting for banks, wealth managers, brokers, and fiduciary firms to support their on-boarding process for higher-risk customers and counterparties. Our analysis directly addresses AML and CTF issues, focusing on source of wealth, adverse media, sanctions, criminal proceedings, and political exposure.

Key regulations:

  • UK Criminal Finances Act
  • UK Money Laundering Regulations
  • EU Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive
  • Hong Kong’s Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing
  • Switzerland’s Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (AMLA)

Third Party Due Diligence ABC

suppliers and agents

Assessments for multinational companies assessing risk within their third party network, from suppliers and contractors through to agents, sales consultants, brokers and distributors. Reporting focuses on bribery and corruption, regulatory action, and sanctions.

Key regulations:

  • UK Bribery Act 2010
  • US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977
  • UK Modern Slavery Act 2015

Background Checks

Applications and hiring

Analysis of applicants for government programmes and senior hires and director appointments for organisations, including listed companies. Our work focuses on document verification and detailed reporting on career and business interests, including regulatory record, civil proceedings, and bankruptcy.

Key regulations:

  • AIM Rules for Nominated Advisers 2016


We offer three levels of reporting as part of a phased, flexible approach.

Level 1 Basic Check Level 2 Detailed Public Record Analysis Level 3 Full Source Reporting
2–3 working days 3–4 working days Variable timeframe
Adverse media checks
Political exposed person (PEP) checks
Sanctions and watchlist data
Civil and criminal records searches
In-depth reporting format
Open-source intelligence assessment
Detailed public-record research against multiple public sources
Social, professional, and political network analysis
Advanced media analysis
Detailed commentary on local political, social and commercial contexts
Options for public-record requests at local registries
Red-flag monitoring through S-RM Monitor for 12 months after completion
Enquiries with in-country human sources
Human-source intelligence analysis and assessment
Regular updates and briefings throughout project
Local records retrieval as standard

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We provide critical intelligence and stakeholder analysis to support major transactions and deals. Our investigations feed into due diligence prior to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, public offerings, and private equity investments.

Investigations vary widely, from assessing an acquisition target’s political exposure and influence through to verifying the provenance of a key contract or asset. And we provide stakeholder mapping to a range of clients examining key relationships and hidden agenda behind a deal. 

Custom scope of work

Projects range from desktop analysis of a few discrete issues through to wide-ranging investigations based on a combination of public-record research and human-source enquiries. Whatever the challenge, we ensure our investigations and resources are focused on clear, achievable objectives.

Project methodology

An iterative, consultative project methodology is critical to our work. A reporting schedule is timetabled when projects start mapping out kick-off calls through to final reports and presentations of findings. There are regular update calls and briefings to agree next steps. We work collaboratively with clients to ensure projects remain focused on the issues that matter most.

Full Source: Big data | Documents | Human sources

Our teams will plan out the best approach to understand each issue. We might crunch big data to uncover hidden social media connections, requests records from local registries or courthouses, or speak discreetly to sources close to a deal.

Source analysis

To support decision making we provide detailed analysis of our sources and the quality of intelligence. Our teams examine reliability of sources, access to information, corroboration and the wider context. Through this process we ensure that the intelligence is balanced and limitations are explained fully.

We provide technology-driven investigative support to clients involved in legal proceedings, disputes and internal investigations. We use specialist software, unique to S-RM within the risk industry, to rapidly review and analyse large volumes of data. This enables us to swiftly detect and visualize hard-to-find connections between people, companies and assets.

We combine technology with in-depth public record research expertise and our extensive international network of contacts. Our findings are presented clearly and include visual representations of complex relationships and transactions. S-RM is focused on providing admissible documentary evidence. All our dispute support cases are undertaken with an identifiable audit trail.

Stakeholder and relationship mapping in support of external investigations

Identifying undisclosed relationships between people and entities, as well as previously unknown commercial and personal interests

Asset tracing services in anticipation of litigation or to help clients enforce a court judgement in the award jurisdiction

Targeted searches to find corporate and lifestyle assets in enforceable jurisdictions including property, yachts and jets.