Our teams provide objective assessments focused on key findings. We rigorously test information and sources as well as providing important context to make sense of complex political, social and commercial dynamics.


Our analysts use a range of specialist investigative tools and research techniques, rapidly turning large volumes of information and data into clear, actionable intelligence. We use our proprietary search tool to sift through existing sources and identify valuable supporting information.


Our local knowledge and on-the-ground investigative experience is critical to the value we provide. We have analyst teams permanently based in our regional offices in Rio de Janeiro, New York, London, Cape Town, and Hong Kong. We are fluent in over 30 languages including Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, French, Japanese, Swahili, Spanish, Portuguese, and Farsi.



We conduct due diligence reporting and red-flag monitoring for many of the world’s leading business and organisations. Our fast-turnaround, risk-based services help you comply with a range of regulations—from anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws through to anti-bribery and corruption and modern slavery legislation. We also help to reduce your exposure to fraud and reputational damage by making sure you have robust insights into your customers, third parties and critical appointments.

ENHANCED DUE DILIGENCE (Anti-Money Laundering (AML) | Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF))

We provide intelligence reporting to support on-boarding processes for higher-risk customers and counterparties, focusing on source of wealth, reputational concerns and political exposure. Our responsive service enables compliance with stringent anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing regulations, without delay to your business operations.

THIRD PARTY DUE DILIGENCE (Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC))

The actions of third parties creates regulatory and compliance risks for organisations. We analyse the integrity of suppliers, contractors, agents and other third parties, assessing bribery and corruption, fraud, regulatory and sanctions risks to ensure that you have the right intelligence to inform robust decision-making.


We perform due diligence assessments on applicants for senior hires and director appointments on behalf of public and private companies. This includes comprehensive document verification, independent reference checks and enquiries, and detailed public-record analysis to ensure the integrity of hires.


We undertake news media and sanctions data monitoring, alerting you to critical news and events concerning your customers, third parties, and counterparties in near real-time. We help you comply with regulatory requirements for ongoing monitoring, as well as ensuring you remain constantly updated about counter-parties well beyond the initial on-boarding process.

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Level 1 Basic Check Level 2 Detailed Public Record Analysis Level 3 Full Source Reporting
2–3 working days 3–4 working days Variable timeframe
Adverse media checks
Political exposed person (PEP) checks
Sanctions and watchlist data
In-depth reporting format
Open-source intelligence assessment
Detailed public-record research against multiple public sources
Social, professional, and political network analysis
Advanced media analysis
Detailed commentary on local political, social and commercial contexts
Options for public-record requests at local registries
Red-flag monitoring through S-RM Monitor for 12 months after completion
Enquiries with in-country human sources
Human-source intelligence analysis and assessment
Regular updates and briefings throughout project
Local records retrieval as standard

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We provide background check due diligence and training support to citizenship-by-investment and investor-visa programmes run by government agencies worldwide.


Our investigations are integral to decision-making by government agencies, supporting robust reviews of the security, reputational, legal, and fraud risks for applicants for citizenship-by-investment and investor visa programmes. We work side-by-side with you to develop custom due diligence reports that precisely reflect the needs of each programme.


We provide a range of support to citizenship-by-investment and investor-visa programmes, including training sessions and compliance advice. We help government agencies increase their open-source research skills, as well as improving your approach to international sanctions and money laundering risks.


We undertake news media and sanctions data monitoring, alerting citizenship-by-investment and investor-visa programmes to critical red-flag news and events concerning applicants. We ensure that government agencies remain constantly updated well beyond the initial application process.

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We provide critical intelligence to support effective due diligence for deals and transactions. We have deep experience advising clients on mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, license and asset acquisitions, joint ventures, major financings, and new ventures. Our multidisciplinary, consultative approach ensures that investigations always focus on the specific issues that matter most for each deal.


Deals hinge on detailed knowledge of management teams, the way businesses have been run, and who they are associated with. Has the business been involved in corruption or fraud? What are the backgrounds and connections of the principals? How were key assets or licenses acquired? We help you move beyond the headline news to address the complex questions that matter most to a deal.


We investigate the chronology of awarded contracts and licences, including events surrounding the initial awards. Asset provenance investigations can reveal bribery and corruption, concealed ownership, and regulatory and sanctions risks throughout the life of the contract or licence, to ensure you have the right intelligence to inform robust decision-making. We support farm-ins and license acquisitions in a range of industries, including oil and gas, mining, banking, and telecommunications.


Gaining a clear understanding of political, regulatory, policy and security developments often defines the long-term success of a deal. We provide market-entry and country assessments that address a range of macro- and micro-level questions, from regulatory change and operational challenges to civil unrest and political stability.


We support new ventures and deal strategy with detailed intelligence-led stakeholder analysis. We assess local political, social, commercial and security factors and networks that may affect decisions, helping you to understand the influence of critical stakeholders and the connections between businesses, governments, regulators, and associated parties.


Unidentified security vulnerabilities can have a major impact on the long-term success of an investment. We help you to understand the information security risk of a deal by looking into the target for issues that may leave it exposed. We are skilled in making assessments of security controls and governance, and our technical specialists use the latest technologies to analyse security logs and the dark web to surface hidden vulnerabilities.


Investing in a company means inheriting their operational policies and procedures. Ahead of a deal you should be aware of the target company’s standards and ready to remedy if necessary. We will work with your target company to understand their existing standards and controls, and to provide recommendations for improvement. We can also undertake similar engagements for existing portfolio companies.

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We provide investigative support in contentious situations including legal proceedings, commercial disputes and internal investigations. With our global reach and regional expertise, we can rapidly scale up when local issues develop into more complex, cross-border investigations. Our rigorous and transparent methodology has helped us build long-lasting, trusted relationships with leading law firms, businesses, governments, and private clients.


We trace the assets of individuals, businesses and governments globally, mapping complex offshore structures and advising on enforcement strategies. We use targeted source intelligence to guide the methodical analysis of data, online and offline. Our creative searches cover everything from lifestyle assets such as property or planes, through to corporate assets such as trade receivables.


Our experts help you investigate allegations from whistle-blowers, conflicts of interest in your supply chain and other internal issues. Through a combination of research and employee interviews, we can quickly identify undisclosed commercial interests or relationships. Our forensic analysts can identify stolen or deleted data and we use eDiscovery techniques to swiftly review internal correspondence.

FRAUD & CyberCrime

In partnership with our cyber investigators and utilising our proprietary threat intelligence capabilities, we examine evidence of fraudulent transactions or cybercrime. We can untangle complex criminal activities involving phishing, internal compromise, or theft by constructing visual networks that map entities and relationships, and by leveraging our advanced technical expertise.


We work closely with teams of litigators and arbitrators to provide the full spectrum of investigative support throughout the life cycle of legal proceedings. We can locate individuals for service, identify witnesses, find critical evidence and provide surveillance. Our work helps you move from a contentious situation towards a negotiated settlement.

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