We deliver a discreet, professional, intelligence-led security service built around the unique requirements of you, your family, and your business.


Providing highly discreet, professional executive assistance and family office services around the globe.

Headquartered in London, Omnium Private is a wholly owned subsidiary of S-RM. An integral part of our Private Client Services offering, Omnium help us provide you with a locally tailored lifestyle service wherever you are in the world.


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Key Services include:


Smart, adaptable and discreet, our handpicked Close Protection Operatives (CPOs) have backgrounds in the military, special forces and police. Experts at safeguarding UHNWIs, diplomats and VIPs around the world, every CPO is SIA-qualified and has unrivalled local knowledge and experience in their field.



Available at short notice, our security and close protection-qualified drivers will safely and discreetly take you where you need to go. 



This round-the-clock emergency response service gives you access to all our in-house services, as well as 25 strategically placed global responders.

Key services include:


We provide bespoke travel security advice, country risk assessments and executive travel support to ensure you have a full understanding of the associated risks. Our intelligence-led measures include embedded security professionals, armoured vehicles, medical and logistical planning. We also offer meet and greet services in 155+ countries.



Our flexible way of working enables us to quickly respond to protect your reputation and enable a rapid return to business as usual. We have a diverse team of Crisis Response consultants positioned around the world, who are supported by our comprehensive network of specialist global partners, giving you access to an unrivalled set of skills and expertise.



Using the latest tracking technologies our surveillance experts can track personnel and vehicles anywhere in the world.

Key services include:



Level 1 Security Reviews involve an assessment of your property’s physical, technical and procedural security systems, with recommendations on how to resolve identified vulnerabilities. Our Threat Assessment and Resilience Review takes into account any specific threats to you or your property and also focuses on related travel, private and corporate interests.



We deliver bespoke, on-site practical training packages for family offices to get staff up to speed on their collective and individual roles and responsibilities. Training covers incident response, first aid, media training and cyber security awareness.



Our Close Protection Officers understand every property is different, and every family unique. Their discreet and unobtrusive protection ensures UHNWIs and vulnerable families benefit from invaluable peace of mind.


Penetration Testing

Our industry leading Penetration Testing team conduct physical and cyber penetration tests on your properties or assets to test their current resilience and highlight any identified vulnerabilities.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Inspections

We conduct TSCMIs (bug sweeps) of your home or office to give you peace of mind that no one is listening. Our highly experienced team are available to conduct sweeps using the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your privacy is assured.


Due Diligence Dispute Resolution
We conduct staff background checks or enhanced due diligence on commercial partners, highlighting red flags in good time and advising on appropriate action. We can support you in business disputes, family disputes or litigation. Forewarned is forearmed, and our intelligence can give you an edge in contentious situations.
Investigations Asset Tracing
We conduct discreet internal investigations within your business. Our analysts are expert at capturing and reviewing email correspondence and other digital data. We trace assets worldwide ahead of litigation, in the course of fraud investigations, or when enforcing a judgment. Our work is always backed up by documentary evidence.
Our team of surveillance operators has unparalleled experience, coming from UK Special Forces, Police and Intelligence Service backgrounds. We carry out covert surveillance and counter surveillance in support of all types of investigation.


Device Forensics Security Reviews
We look at your entire technology estate to remove any suspicions of compromise or interception. We can proactively or reactively help you understand if your devices have been tampered with, whether communications have been intercepted or are being monitored in any way. We review your entire cyber estate to make recommendations to improve your family’s physical and digital security. Our reviews provide actionable advice that is easy to understand, ensuring you and your family stay safe online.
Cyber Response Services Reputation Management
Becoming a victim of a cyber attack is an incredibly stressful, uncertain experience. We respond immediately to guide clients through the first days of an attack, containing damage, understanding the situation and notifying relevant third parties if required. We are there to support in the long run too, monitoring any fall-out and providing support in challenging times. A wealth of information is publicly available about you and your family online. Our in-depth online profile assessments give you the full picture on what is obtainable about you, your family, your habits and your assets. Our digital experts work closely with our intelligence analysts to build an in depth report and heatmap of your publically available information that could be used against you.
Family and Staff Cyber Training Dark Web Monitoring
We make sure your family and staff understand their responsibilities and how to practice excellent cyber security hygiene. We host simple, fun and effective sessions suitable for all generations of your family, to help them understand what they need to do to be safe online. To reinforce their learning we design bespoke mock threat exercises to test how they would respond to different scenarios. Criminals and other interested parties use hidden platforms and the dark web to exchange and obtain personal information. We monitor this activity around the clock. We’ll provide regular reports on what we find and immediately flag any indiciations that you or your family’s information is at risk.