Our client platform seamlessly managing project workflows

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Our client platform, Portal, ensures safe, secure and efficient management of all your projects with S-RM – including those with complex or sensitive information.

From project initiation to completion Portal ensures you spend less time searching through emails and more time focusing on critical decisions.

Why choose Portal

Clients all around the world use Portal to optimise their workflows and save time. 

Simple setup

The last thing clients need is another complex online tool. Portal has been designed to make it easy to get up and running, and integrate into existing processes.

Faster workflow

Portal makes it simple to request reports, track their progress, receive notifications of key milestones, and communicate directly with our team, all within one system.

Clear process

Portal streamlines your process, ensures the key steps are always taken, and provides a record for audit and assurance.

Increased security

All key information can be stored in Portal’s encrypted environment, from background information to the final report, creating a more secure compliance workflow

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Key features

Report dashboard: view upcoming deadlines, completed reports, and key metrics such as spend, report volume, and regional breakdown. 

Comprehensive search: filter and sort projects to stay on top of upcoming deadlines and quotes, and easily find completed reports.   

Alerts and notifications: keep track of all your projects by receiving alerts and notifications as each stage is completed.

Projects and groups: organise your work by adding your colleagues to projects so you all receive the same notifications and messages. You can also restrict access to sensitive projects by limiting group membership.

Support and training: we provide ongoing training and helpdesk support to ensure you make the most of Portal. 

Speak to our team

Our technology experts are here to ensure you leverage the all the benefits of Portal.

Alex Henry
Alex Henry

Director of Innovation and Technology

Alex Henry
Alex Henry
Director of Innovation and Technology

Alex is Director of Innovation and Technology at S-RM

He is responsible for the company’s digital innovation and product development function, working to improve the digital client experience and enable our practitioners to solve client problems with the use of modern technologies such as AI.  He joined S-RM in 2019. Alex has more than 10 years’ experience managing products, services and engineering functions in the intelligence, security and mobility sectors. Alex has a BA in International History and Politics from Leeds University and an MA in Intelligence and International Security from King’s College London.

Rachel Mackenzie
Rachel Mackenzie

Product Owner

Rachel Mackenzie
Rachel Mackenzie
Product Owner

Rachel is a Product Owner working within the Product Engineering capability. In addition to managing Portal, S-RM’s primary workflow management tool, her work spans across various bespoke digital solutions at enterprise level.

Before joining S-RM’s Technology team, Rachel worked as a Business Analyst for the Counter Terrorism Police in London.

Rachel holds a Master of Arts (Hons) in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews.