Over 200 companies across a range of sectors use S-RM’s Global Security Insight to inform decision-making and meet travel security obligations.

GSI hosts analysis which is forward-looking, clearly written and regularly updated, which our clients can rely on to manage their risks. The site is available for a fixed fee for all users within an organisation, and all our forecasts and ratings are exportable for wider use, making it simple to manage security requirements.

the country dashboard

Each Country Dashboard displays comprehensive security risk forecasts for that territory, which can be exported to PDF for distribution within your organisation. For select countries, we also provide in-depth regional analysis.


Our Alerts are concise analyses of political and security events of significance for our clients. Alerts are plotted on our Maps, and available on both Country Dashboards and in a customisable daily e-mail.

risk maps

Our dynamic and search-friendly map screen has 10 dedicated maps which show our global view of each risk. It can also be used to view Alerts and access detailed Country Dashboards.

The index

The Index is a fully filterable and sortable table of all the risk ratings on the system, allowing for easy comparison of risks.

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