S-RM Portal has plenty of features to help you manage your projects with us: request reports and track their progress, search your report library, share reports with your team, and get monitoring alerts and updates. All of this within a simple, intuitive web application that you can access wherever you go. And it’s free to use, with unlimited users and document storage for your organisation.


Reports and monitoring

Read summaries and review report gradings. Download reports for full review. Review monitoring alerts.

Security and encryption

Ensuring our platform remains secure and protecting your information are our highest priorities. Files are encrypted to prevent unauthorised access. We have implemented international cyber security best practices, and the application is audited by our Cyber division.


Get a quick view of upcoming deadlines, completed reports, and monitoring alerts. Review key metrics such as spend, report volume, and regional breakdown.


Request reports and updates in a single step, and we’ll work up a quote for your approval. Email requests directly to the application.

Uploading data

Upload documents and other files in bulk.


Discuss projects with us and keep in touch. Receive key notifications via e-mail when actions are needed or when reports and alerts are available for review.

Tracking projects

Stay on top of projects with our project tracker. Clear deadlines are set at the start of projects. Progress can be monitored from request through to completion.


Find reports and projects quickly with our search features. Filter and sort projects to stay on top of upcoming deadlines, quotes, and completed reports.

Projects and groups

Organise your work by adding your colleagues to projects so you all receive the same notifications and messages. Create groups of projects with common themes, such as region or business line. You can also restrict access to sensitive projects by limiting group membership.

Everywhere you go

Fully responsive and compatible with all major web browsers and with iOS and Android devices.

Free access and support

Access to the application is free, and we provide ongoing training and helpdesk support to ensure you make the most of S-RM Portal.

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