Governments running citizenship and residency by investment programmes globally require timely and accurate due diligence on programme applicants. These programmes have come under increased scrutiny in recent years following a number of instances where approved applicants were found to have amassed their wealth illicitly, or otherwise present a reputational or security concern.

S-RM’s dedicated Citizenship and Visa team is composed of over 25 multilingual analysts and case managers who have extensive expertise in the sectors and jurisdictions where programme applicants are active. The team has fostered an unparalleled network of human sources across the world which enables us to build a comprehensive profile of an applicant’s personal and professional activities. Doing so allows us to identify, analyse and assess any regulatory and reputational concerns attached to an application.

S-RM helps our clients mitigate these regulatory and reputational concerns through the following services:

  • Applicant Due Diligence. Our investigations are integral to decision-making by government agencies, supporting robust reviews of the security, reputational, legal, and fraud risks for applicants. We work side-by-side with our clients to develop custom due diligence reports that precisely reflect the needs of each programme.
  • Training and Compliance Consulting. We provide a range of support to help government agencies increase their open-source research skills, as well as understand, manage and mitigate ABC and AML risks.
  • Red-Flag Monitoring. We monitor news media and sanctions data, alerting our clients to critical red-flag news and events concerning applicants. We ensure that government agencies remain constantly updated well beyond the initial application process.