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Get strategic support for all stages of your ESG journey. We bring together the latest thinking and our leading consultative team to build effective ESG outcomes for your business.


In today’s world, you can’t ignore ESG risk. And managing ESG factors well enables a wide range of competitive and reputational advantages.  

At S-RM, we recognise that the ESG regulatory environment is fast-changing and complex. Our experts will help you to establish and maintain strong ESG governance to manage risk and improve your credentials. 

Why S-RM?

Dedicated ESG team

Our dedicated ESG team can support developed and emerging markets

Bespoke support

We go beyond tick-box ESG solutions, providing independent, qualitative analysis, unique to your needs

Global expertise

S-RM is made up of 400 intelligence specialists with 45+ different languages in-house

Technology enabled

Get ESG alerts through our AI-enabled Monitor technology, overlaid with our expert analysis

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Leading ESG capabilities

Implement a rigorous and transparent approach to ESG. Our dedicated team has years of experience managing ESG risks and opportunities across a wide range of industries, regions and markets. This lets us develop bespoke strategies for your business. 

  • Support with ESG due diligence practices before investment or engagement with counterparties. We’ll manage discreet investigations to address your specific concerns.
  • Portfolio and operations reviews to assess your business exposure to ESG risk.
  • Human rights due diligence to identify exposure to human rights risks in supply chains and investments. In addition to ongoing monitoring of potential flashpoints.
  • Supply chain due diligence to identify the risk of labour violations, human rights abuses, conflict materials, and any emerging issues.

Support to improve your ESG posture

Our team work closely with you to understand your unique ESG challenges. From early engagement and advice to building a programme or creating a metric and KPI scorecard, we’re here to help. 

  • Dedicated, consultative support from our specialist team that’s tailored to your business needs.  
  • In-depth understanding of the global ESG regulatory environment, applicable to multiple industries and business sizes on a global scale.
  • Leading experience and industry reputation working with ESG leads, general counsel, boards, investment teams, and compliance teams – positioning us to achieve high-quality ESG outcomes for your business. 
Case study

Support for a global pharmaceutical company  

We helped a global business with its market entry and third-party risk management programme. We conducted investigations into due diligence reporting on labour and human rights risk, contributing to their annual ESG report. 

Case study

Modern slavery investigation  

Acting for a litigant, S-RM investigated the labour practices at a luxury resort. We gathered evidence of mistreatment and modern slavery, including from the social media accounts of migrant workers. 

Case study

Sustainability regulatory monitoring 

Acting for the intelligence head of a global FMCG company, S-RM provides AI-enabled monitoring of changes to sustainability regulation, such as single-use plastics and carbon pricing, in 25 jurisdictions. Our information helps them to plan their ESG and business strategy. 

Meet our experts

Our team establish a direct relationship with your business, cutting through to the core of your ESG issues, and providing sharp insight and action to accelerate your ESG programme. 

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