ESG is now a core part of any business. Whether investing, managing a supply chain or examining internal processes, companies now need to show that they take ESG seriously.

Issues ranging from labour rights violations to carbon emissions or cyber governance are now firmly on the corporate radar. Various components of ESG are also creeping up the legislative and regulatory agenda; whether it’s mandatory sustainability disclosures, modern slavery, the energy transition or human rights due diligence, it is critical that businesses incorporate ESG practices and diligence within their processes.

The consequences for failing to incorporate ESG into investment practices or internal processes can be severe. Companies face reputational damage, the loss of shareholder or consumer confidence, and potential litigation. But ESG is about more than just identifying, remediating and managing risks. Done well, it can support value creation, unlock investment, and enable competitive advantage.




Client focus. We work closely with you to understand your ESG capabilities, risks and objectives. We work consultatively with clients both on specific projects and as part of longer-term ESG engagements to ensure we are aligned to achieve the right outcomes for your business.

We understand ESG. ESG matters to S-RM as a business. Over recent years we have supported clients across a range of industries as they started to tackle ESG challenges, as well as supporting more mature ESG programmes.

Integrated and global expertise. We bring together more than 350 intelligence specialists and cyber security experts from across the world to help our clients solve their most complex challenges. We speak more than 30 different languages in-house.

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