A focus on continuous learning and sharing of knowledge is intrinsic to S-RM’s culture and we are committed to maximising the potential of every individual in the company.

Through our focus on learning and development we aim to achieve a better experience for our clients, and a better place to work and grow for us all – where every individual, regardless of what their role is, feels included, welcomed and empowered to maximise their talents. 



Our approach: The S-RM Academy

We are currently building the S-RM Academy, a holistic, inclusive professional development programme that starts from your first day at S-RM and supports you at each stage of your career.  We want to ensure that you not only have the tools you need to deliver in your role, but also have a framework within which you can develop your career in a way that makes the most sense for you, supported at every step of the way. 

The Academy programmes include:

  • A comprehensive welcome to S-RM 
  • Sector-leading job training and technical development  
  • Tailored investment and support for those joining S-RM as people managers, or entering people management roles for the first time  
  • Resources to develop our leaders 

We also currently have:  

  • A comprehensive mentoring programme, available to everyone in the company 
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand library of over 13,000 courses covering the latest in business, technology and creative skills.  

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