A focus on continuous learning and sharing of knowledge is intrinsic to S-RM’s culture and we are committed to maximising the potential of every individual in the company.

Through our focus on learning and development we aim to achieve a better experience for our clients, and a better place to work and grow for us all – where every individual, regardless of what their role is, feels included, welcomed and empowered to maximise their talents. 



Our approach: The S-RM Academy

We are currently building the S-RM Academy, a holistic, inclusive professional development programme that starts from your first day at S-RM and supports you at each stage of your career.  We want to ensure that you not only have the tools you need to deliver in your role, but also have a framework within which you can develop your career in a way that makes the most sense for you, supported at every step of the way. 

The Academy programmes include:

  • A comprehensive welcome to S-RM 
  • Sector-leading job training and technical development  
  • Tailored investment and support for those joining S-RM as people managers, or entering people management roles for the first time  
  • Resources to develop our leaders

We also currently have:  

  • A comprehensive mentoring programme, available to everyone in the company 
  • Access to LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand library of over 13,000 courses covering the latest in business, technology and creative skills.  

September 2022: the launch of S-RM Foundations

Colleagues who join us in mid-September 2022 will be the first to participate in the brand-new Academy course, S-RM Foundations. This week-long introduction to the company will ensure you’re equipped with the tools you need to succeed, the network you need to grow, and the warm S-RM welcome you deserve.

The Foundations course will run regularly thereafter, to ensure new starters from across all our international offices have the opportunity to get their career at S-RM off to the strongest possible start. S-RM Foundations will later be joined by additional Academy programmes focused on technical development, people management and leadership, so our colleagues are supported at every stage of their career journey.

February 2023: Associate Conference

The Academy will host a one-off special event to say thank you to our Associates and Senior Associates for all the hard work they’ve put into running and growing our business over the last few years, to celebrate their achievements and to invest in our future leaders.

We’re planning an exciting event in London, flying in colleagues from all our offices so that they can network with those whom the pandemic has prevented them from meeting. We’ll incorporate opportunities to build relationships with our senior leaders; to make connections with colleagues from different teams and offices; and to learn how to use the S-RM Academy framework to develop both their own careers and that of their teams.

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