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Providing digital forensic services to support all types of investigations and litigation.


As our global exposure to technology continues to grow, the traceable footprint we leave behind on our digital devices grows with it. Consequently, digital evidence is playing an increasingly important role in both civil and criminal investigations.

We advise both corporates and high-profile individuals on a range of civil and criminal proceedings, corporate crime, corporate internal investigations, and bespoke, sensitive matters.

Why S-RM?

Leading expertise

Our specialised team, with backgrounds in law enforcement, government, and private consulting, conducts complex forensic investigations spanning industries and regions.

Diverse capabilities

We stay updated on digital trends, equipping our experts with the latest tools and knowledge to meet our client’s needs.

Complete discretion

We maintain client confidentiality and discretion from start to finish. We treat our client’s security and privacy concerns as a priority.

Expert witness services

We're trusted expert witnesses in civil and criminal cases, producing court-compliant reports and delivering oral testimony.

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Forensic capabilities

We identify, preserve, and analyse digital evidence to uncover the facts and piece together the truth for our clients’ complex and sensitive investigations and litigation. Our experts ensure a thorough investigation is conducted, and provide clear, factual findings for our clients, their counsel, and the courts.

Our comprehensive range of capabilities enable collection, preservation, and analysis of data from a variety of digital data sources. Our broad suite of forensic tools and expertise allows us to offer forensic capability in the following areas.

  • Evidence preservation and data recovery
  • Mobile device forensics
  • Computer forensics, including desktops, laptops, and related media
  • Social media and cloud repositories
  • Corporate and enterprise networks
  • Bespoke “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices, such as wearables, UAV drones, and home-connected devices.

Investigative services

We advise both corporates and high-profile individuals on a range of civil and criminal proceedings, corporate crime, corporate internal investigations, and bespoke, sensitive matters.

  • Fraud, embezzlement and other corporate crime
  • Defamation and reputational damage
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Sexual offences and misconduct
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Criminal defence
  • High profile and complex disputes
  • Document falsification or evidence tampering.

We follow rigorous chain-of-custody procedures to ensure all digital evidence is admissible in court proceedings. Our experts provide expert witness services for criminal and civil proceedings including the preparation of court-compliant expert witness reports and statements alongside oral testimony. 

We work closely with experts in our Disputes & Investigations practice to provide holistic investigative support in all contentious situations.

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Case studies

Internal investigation

We performed forensic preservation and analysis of corporate devices to support our client’s internal investigation into suspected IP theft and collusion across their subsidiaries. We developed a scalable working approach to facilitate fluid addition of custodians and devices; this iterative process equipped the client with evidence for custodian interviews into potential collusion whilst also providing assurances regarding their sensitive IP.



Case studies

Criminal defence 

We were instructed by legal counsel in a criminal matter to forensically preserve and analyse social media and cloud repositories in preparation for their client’s defence in legal proceedings. Our analysis uncovered the extent of illegal activity across the accounts and assisted with the attribution of the activity to an individual. This informed counsel as to the nature of the evidence against their client and was essential in informing decisions material to their defence.

Case Studies

Expert witness services

We were instructed as an expert witness by legal counsel to forensically preserve, analyse, and produce an expert witness report on a private client’s devices and online accounts. We produced a Part 35 compliant expert report for use during civil proceedings; this allowed legal counsel to rely on our expert opinions on the use of anti-forensic techniques, data destruction, and evidence tampering in court.

Case studies

Technical Research Projects

We were instructed by overseas legal counsel to assist in the preparation of their defence of criminal proceedings brought against their client. We performed two technical research projects in parallel; researching and testing an online communications platform, and forensic tools and techniques deployed by local law enforcement. This technical knowledge was fundamental for legal counsel to prepare their defence strategy.


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The digital forensics team is a trusted source of expertise across multiple industries. We utilise the latest knowledge and tools to meet your individual requirements. 

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