Organisations today face a wide range of threats which can quickly turn into a crisis. These range from unexpected changes to the security, operating and political environment, to complex internal challenges, reputational distress and, increasingly, cyber-attacks. To minimise their impact, a time-sensitive, considered and dedicated response is key.

We support, advise and guide our clients throughout a crisis, enabling them to respond effectively with confidence and speed, and achieve a swift resolution and recovery.   

During a crisis, those at the frontline are often faced with significant pressure to “fix it” as quickly as possible, which can lead to ineffective decision-making and knee-jerk responses to complex problems. These in turn, will aggravate the crisis,  potentially resulting in physical harm to people, financial losses and significant damage to an organisation’s reputation.

We minimise the impact of a crisis by helping you respond and recover quickly and responsibly, ensuring that when you return to business-as-usual you are in a stronger, smarter and more resilient position than you were before.

Our services cover the full spectrum of crisis management and response:

  • Complex risk management consulting and post-incident investigations.
  • Crisis responders. Experienced senior level consultants to support and guide your crisis management team through an organisational crisis.
  • Evacuation. Development and/or execution of your evacuation plan to remove at risk or injured personnel from danger.
  • Incident managers. On-the-ground consultants able to develop a quick understanding of what has happened and support your team in executing a well thought-through response plan (including operational liaison support).
  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion (KRE) consulting, including response and negotiation strategies.