A crisis can develop anytime, anywhere, and threaten your people, reputation, or even your organisation’s existence. From data breaches and insecurity, to regulatory compliance and crime, today’s threats are wide-ranging, and no two challenges are the same.

S-RM recognises the importance of offering a solution that addresses today’s complex threats, so we have developed a comprehensive approach that delivers far more than just crisis management planning and communications support.

Our clear, integrated approach gives you access to the full breadth of S-RM’s capability through our Prevention, Preparation and Response services:

  • Prevention: We help you implement prevention measures with the aim of eliminating crises and business interruption
  • Preparation: We develop plans and procedures that will prepare you for when a crisis occurs
  • Response: When you have a crisis, we will help you minimise disruption and safeguard your reputation

How We Are Different

 Specialist and Integrated

We offer you access to an unrivalled crisis management capability that brings together our consulting, security, business intelligence and cyber security services in one place. Our Crisis Management Team consists of specialists with extensive commercial knowledge and backgrounds in government, law enforcement, the military, intelligence, cyber security, academia, media, compliance, law and banking. Our methods are based on international guidelines, as well as our experience working with clients on thousands of prevention, preparation and response cases across all sectors.


We work hard to ensure that you receive a flexible, customised service. We avoid template solutions because no two challenges are the same.


We are agile and responsive when it really matters. We understand that timely assistance is vital to helping you achieve your objectives.


We are able to support you wherever you are in the world through our global offices and comprehensive network of specialists.


Our analysis and advice is succinct, focused and easy to understand.

We help you prevent crises, enabling you to operate free from interruption.

We do this by providing high quality analysis and consulting services, giving you the clarity and insight you need to make smarter decisions.



  • Global Security Insight: S-RM’s proprietary online political and security risk reporting platform, Global Security Insight, provides risk forecasts and daily alerts tracking civil and political unrest, terrorism, kidnapping, extortion and crime. For more information, click here
  • Threat Analysis: Our team of regional experts provide you with personalised, forward-looking analysis of political, security and commercial threats. Our reporting ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the threats facing your operations and can take advantage of new opportunities
  • Monitor: Our AI-powered monitoring platform, combined with our human analysis, enables live tracking of any issues facing you, your company, board, clients or partners
  • Security Risk Assessments: Our sector-leading methodology delivers risk-scoring, concise analysis and physical, technical and procedural options for reducing risk. Our approach is flexible and assesses every type of activity, operation and asset, from complex extractives operations to offices and residences
  • Cyber Security Reviews: We review your cyber security systems and recommend technical and procedural measures to help you prevent successful attacks and align strategy with leading governance standards. To find out more, click here
  • Transaction and Compliance Due Diligence: Our due diligence services reduce exposure to fraud and reputational damage. We provide critical intelligence and stakeholder analysis to support major transactions and ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery and corruption (ABC), counter-terrorism financing (CTF) and sanctions regulations. To find out more, click here



  • Specialist Advisory: Our senior in-house consultants advise you on your most complex issues at the highest levels of your organisation. Recent projects include the implementation of critical national infrastructure security solutions, and Design Basis Threat (DBT) assessments and security consulting in support of architectural and engineering plans
  • Security Planning: We design security methodologies, plans and procedures to help you protect your people and assets, including:
    • Corporate security risk management policy and guideline development
    • Risk assessment methodology design
    • Bankable feasibility study input for new ventures
    • Operational security planning, including project, site and executive security planning
    • Evacuation planning
  • Security Management: Provision of specialist security advisors to enhance your existing teams in person or remotely. Our advisors can provide additional security planning and management capacity and expertise at all levels of your business
  • Cyber Security Support: We help you protect your information and operations from cyber security threats. We work with you to implement the controls required to prevent successful attacks, reduce your risk exposure and comply with regulations and security standards. To find out more, click here

Global Security Insight (GSI)

Global Security Insight, S-RM’s security risk information platform, is the simplest way to get a fresh perspective on the security risks affecting you, your work and your travel.


Our preparation services give you and your team the confidence to successfully navigate any crisis.

We review your existing strategies and procedures, work with you to design pragmatic crisis management plans, and help you build familiarity across your organisation through bespoke training and exercises. When a crisis occurs, our aim is to ensure that your teams are ready and prepared.



  • We review your crisis management structures, plans and procedures, highlight vulnerabilities, and propose options for improvement. Our recommendations align with international standards and our own considerable experience of managing crises


  • We work closely with you and your teams to design practical crisis management plans that incorporate best-practice principles, that are compatible with your business, and enable you to respond quickly and effectively in a crisis


  • We run tailored, interactive training sessions to educate your teams on their collective and individual roles and responsibilities in a crisis. Our training sessions enable your team to become completely comfortable and familiar with your plan, and provide a platform to share feedback and ask questions in an unpressured environment


  • We provide dynamic, scenario-based exercises to challenge your Crisis Management Team and build confidence in delivering your crisis management plan. Our simulations can be fully immersive or instructional, depending on your needs. Learning points and feedback are given immediately

Our response services provide crucial capacity and expertise when you need them the most.

We operate as part of your Crisis Management Team, giving you additional resource at the most critical time. Our consultants can assist you across a spectrum of crises, providing strategic advice, stakeholder management and guidance on your operational response.

Specialist 24/7 Team

S-RM has a team of Crisis Response consultants strategically positioned around the world who are available 24/7. Our team includes former military, law enforcement and intelligence agency personnel supported by our in-house security, business intelligence and cyber security specialists, giving you access to an unrivalled, integrated set of skills and expertise, wherever you are in the world.


Crisis Management Consulting

  • We immediately assign Crisis Response consultants to advise your Crisis Management Team on your strategy, stakeholder management, response procedures and communications

Liaison and Management

  • We liaise with government departments and investors, and manage communications firms, lawyers and other stakeholders, to enable you to focus on your response and the maintenance of your operations

Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion (KRE) Consulting

  • We offer country-specific, specialist advice based on our KRE experience developed over three decades

Evacuation Planning and Provision

  • In situations where there is local insecurity, we conduct evacuation planning and provide emergency travel services, including aircraft chartering for the safe departure of your staff

Security Reviews, Planning and Management

  • We offer physical and cyber security reviews, planning and management to help you protect your people, information and assets during a crisis

Media Monitoring

  • Our in-house analysts present you with regular media and social media analysis to inform your communications and operational response strategy

Cyber Incident Response

  • We give immediate cyber security advice to assist you with the management of breaches, violations, direct threats and the recovery of lost computer systems and confidential business information

Dispute Support

  • We work with your Legal Counsel to support you throughout the litigation process: finding evidence, identifying witnesses, tracing assets and ensuring a successful outcome


  • We help you investigate fraud or corruption allegations, adding rigour and independence to your internal review

Recovery Consulting

  • When the immediate crisis has passed we will provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the recovery phase. We help you to identify and understand valuable lessons, implement and communicate positive change and build resilience for the future