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Our proven approach ensures you are armed with the knowledge, processes and physical support you need to prevent, prepare for and respond to crises with confidence and speed. We take on board best practice learnings from around the world to continually enhance and advance our prevention, preparation and response methodologies. Our diverse team provide unique insights and fresh viewpoints that deliver agile and effective solutions.

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Free to sign up, GSI is the easiest and quickest way to get a fresh perspective on the security risks affecting you, your work, and your travel. Featuring reports compiled by S-RM specialists from across the globe, if you’re concerned about security risks, GSI can help you learn more.

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Monitor is S-RM’s premium red-flag monitoring service. Cutting through digital noise, it turns real-time information flows into relevant, actionable intelligence. This enables you to respond quickly and effectively to global events as they unfold. Our sources include everything from premium licensed print media, TV and open-source forums to sanctions and watch list data

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SMARTER BY DESIGN | Services include:

THREAT ANALYSISBespoke, forward-looking analysis of political, security and commercial threats across 190+ countries and territories. Includes S-RM’s Global Security Insight, an industry-leading security risk information platform, and Monitor, our real-time red-flag monitoring service.

SECURITY RISK ASSESSMENTS | Focused analysis, risk-scoring and presentation of physical, technical and procedural options for the protection of your people and assets.

SECURITY PLANNING | Assessment and design of security methodologies, plans and procedures to protect your people and assets.

SECURITY MANAGEMENT | Embedded or virtual specialist security staff to enhance the expertise and capability of your in-house teams.

SPECIALIST ADVISORY | Our consultants address the most complex issues at the highest level of your organisation.

CYBER SECURITY REVIEWS AND CONSULTING | Practical advice and recommendations on the effectiveness and compliance of your information policies, procedures and infrastructure.

TRANSACTIONAL AND COMPLIANCE DUE DILIGENCE | Critical intelligence and stakeholder analysis reducing exposure to fraud and reputational damage.


SMARTER BY DESIGN | Services include

REVIEWS | We carry out reviews of your existing crisis management frameworks, plans and procedures to highlight vulnerabilities, then provide improvement options that align with international standards and commercial best practice.

PLANNING | Our experts design practical plans that are fully compatible with your business and enable you to respond quickly and effectively in a crisis by ensuring your front-line responders are in tune with your top-level decision-makers.

TRAINING | Our interactive and engaging crisis training sessions get your teams up to speed on their collective and individual roles and responsibilities. This ensures your factory floor is as prepared as your board of directors. Our sessions also provide a pressure-free environment for making mistakes, asking questions and sharing feedback.

EXERCISES | We provide dynamic, scenario-based, immersive exercises to challenge your teams and quickly build confidence in delivering your crisis management plan. We also run red teaming sessions, procedural stress tests and pre-mortem studies for a closer look at particular operational processes.


SMARTER BY DESIGN | Services include

STRATEGIC ADVISORY | We advise on crisis response frameworks and sensitive communication strategies to enable quicker and better-informed decision-making.

LIAISON | Our experts liaise with external stakeholder organisations on your behalf, enabling you to focus on your response to the crisis, and the maintenance of your operations.

MANAGEMENT | We collaborate with external specialists such as PR firms, law firms and evacuation providers to ensure the fastest response possible.

KIDNAP, RANSOM AND EXTORTION (KRE) CONSULTING | We provide country-specific, specialist KRE advice on response and negotiation strategies.

OPERATIONAL SUPPORT | We carry out extensive evacuation planning and provide emergency security and travel services. This includes an aircraft chartering capability for the safe extraction of your staff.

CYBER INCIDENT RESPONSE | We provide immediate assistance with the management of breaches, violations, direct threats and the recovery of lost computer systems and confidential data.

DISPUTE SUPPORT | We offer support throughout the litigation process, working alongside your legal counsel to find and secure evidence, identify witnesses and trace assets.

MEDIA MONITORING | Our in-house specialists provide regular analysis of hundreds of news outlets to inform your communications and operational response strategies.

INVESTIGATIONS | We help you investigate fraud or corruption allegations, adding rigour, integrity and independence to internal reviews.