Lia is a Senior Associate at S-RM.

Lia Hanna has been with S-RM’s corporate intelligence team since joining the business in 2018, specialising in projects linked to the Middle East and North Africa. Lia completed her undergraduate degree in Politics at SOAS, University of London before pursuing a law qualification which she completed in 2018. Lia has lived in London and Paris and grew up in Beirut, Lebanon.

Lia joined the CSR committee in October 2019, and took over the role of Chair in September 2020. Having grown up in a country with a poor public education sector, Lia has always been an advocate for access to good public education, which she believes to be pivotal to creating better communities.

In addition to promoting education, Lia is hoping to use her time as Chair of the CSR Committee to increase S-RM’s positive effect on our local communities, charity partners, and the environment and to ultimately contribute to helping S-RM make a positive impact on the world around us.

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