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Understand your vulnerability to real-world threats with our tailored security consultancy services.

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Every business is as unique as the threats it faces. That's why we tailor our services to your needs. We focus our efforts on the threats that can impact your specific industry, technology, and challenges – providing a unique, bespoke, and cutting-edge perspective of offensive security. 

The S-RM report is one of the best I've ever seen: it's easy to read for both technical and non-technical audiences.

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Why S-RM?

Consulting excellence

We put our consultancy services first, providing actionable insights you can use.

Threat intelligence

Our incident response team manage hundreds of incidents a year. We draw on their experience and insights to deliver realistic attack scenarios.

Understanding complexity

We address underlying security concerns and don’t reduce our services to off-the-shelf solutions.

CREST approved

Our services are approved by CREST, the international not-for-profit membership body representing the global cyber security industry.


Simulating real-world threats 

Obtain straightforward and actionable insight and intelligence on the unique set of threats your organisation faces. We put equal focus on presenting our findings in a clear and user-friendly format, ensuring that all findings and reports are moved into an actionable workstream, as well as testing your response capabilities and providing proactive advice to remediate the risks we’ve identified.

  • Expert red and purple teaming to identify threats and defend against them.
  • Our team sets objectives, conduct attack simulations, and communicate findings and advice for the people, processes and technology within your organisation.  
  • Technical excellence enables our consultants to use elements of physical and digital SE, adversary tools and advanced hacking techniques to enact all stages of an attack.

Threat intelligence excellence

We work with our dedicated IR team who have a wide international and regional coverage to understand the constantly evolving threat landscape and make sure our scenarios are realistic and proportionate to your business risks. 

  • Access to threat intelligence specialists that map the threat landscape.
  • We collaborate with your team to devise the attack scenario(s) as well as establish clear objectives and rules of engagement.
  • We communicate clearly throughout the engagement to make sure we spend our time efficiently.
Case studies

Preventing a data breach

A software development company chose S-RM to conduct security testing on a suite of connected applications and services. We found critical vulnerabilities within multiple systems, setting the company on the path towards a largescale data breach. Through timely and efficient remediation in collaboration with the client, a severe security incident was avoided.

...they have the best technical resources I have ever worked with: efficient, meticulous, patient, accommodating.

Managed services provider

Case studies

Reducing the cost of incidents

A global infrastructure company asked S-RM to conduct a comprehensive test of its physical and cyber security across five offices on three continents. The findings informed an overhaul of the link between their physical and cyber security globally and reduced the annual cost of security incidents by over 50%.


Case studies

Conducting an assumed breach scenario

The S-RM team conducted a scenario to test a software provider's resilience to ransomware attacks as well as its ability to detect and respond to suspicious activity on its internal network.

...they have the best technical resources I have ever worked with: efficient, meticulous, patient, accommodating.

Managed services provider

Case studies

Assessing critical software security

A regulated financial services company engaged S-RM to test their new investment management app prior to launch. Our offensive security team found a way to purchase underlying investments through the app without being authenticated. The client was able to remediate the vulnerability and prevent potentially severe financial and reputational losses.


Our experts

With proactive and ongoing solutions for testing, our threat intelligence team for offensive security provide an unparalleled level of service, with quick and competitive turnaround times.  

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Secure your business against real-world cyber threats

S-RM responds to hundreds of cyber incidents a year. Our team can assist you with the sharpest thinking for offensive security – so your business is prepared.

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