Today’s dealmakers know they face cyber risks, but often lack the internal resources to identify and respond to them. Yet cyber compromises present a critical risk for dealmakers. Promising investment performance can be completely undermined by the regulatory fines from a data breach, digital intellectual property theft, or the business disruption caused by a ransomware attack.

Working in step with deal teams, we highlight key areas of vulnerability and provide clear corrective actions to reveal and enhance the cyber security value of investment targets and portfolio companies.

Our insights provide an invaluable perspective to deal teams and corporate boards on the cyber risks which will be critical to a company’s success.

We commonly work at the pre-acquisition phase or on post-acquisition portfolio reviews. Our cyber due diligence assessments cover:

  • Security governance;
  • Incident response frameworks;
  • Vulnerability of intellectual property;
  • Data privacy; and,
  • Regulatory risk.


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