As our global exposure to technology continues to grow, the traceable footprint we leave behind on our digital devices grows with it. Consequently, digital evidence is playing an increasingly important role in both civil and criminal investigations. 



We identify, preserve, and analyse digital evidence to uncover the facts and piece together the truth for our clients’ complex and sensitive investigations and litigation. Our experts ensure a thorough investigation is conducted, and provide clear, factual findings for our clients, their counsel, and the courts.

Our comprehensive range of capabilities enable collection, preservation, and analysis of data from a variety of digital data sources. Our broad suite of forensic tools and expertise allows us to offer forensic capability in the following areas:

  • Evidence preservation and data recovery 
  • Mobile device forensics 
  • Computer forensics, including desktops, laptops, and related media 
  • Social media and cloud repositories 
  • Corporate and enterprise networks 
  • Bespoke “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices, such as wearables, UAV drones, and home-connected devices. 


We work side by side with our investigations team, whose intelligence services complement our forensic investigation to give clients the complete picture. Our investigators contextualise and enhance the digital evidence through cutting edge open-source and social media analysis, access to global intelligence networks, and other techniques including surveillance.




Leading Expertise. Our team is comprised of specialist forensic experts holding a range of industry-recognised certifications. We bring experience from former service in UK law enforcement, government and private sector firms and have worked on civil, criminal and bespoke private investigations across varied industries and jurisdictions.  

Diverse Capabilities. We stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing trends and technologies in the digital landscape to ensure we are backing our experts with the latest knowledge and tools to tackle our client’s bespoke requirements. Our ongoing commitment to investing in our technical expertise and technology enables us to continue expanding our forensic capabilities and support our clients no matter the technical nuances. 

Complete Discretion. We respect the sensitivity of every client engagement; acting with discretion from initial contact through to completion. We are flexible in our ways-of-working to alleviate any security and privacy concerns that our clients may have. Improving our working relationships and building trust are our priorities.