In an increasingly complex world, where the abundance of information makes it difficult to cut through the noise, GSI provides clear and relevant analysis.

We monitor, research and analyse key security threats and developments across the globe, providing you with daily intelligence on incidents and regular country-level analysis.  


Global Security InsightNavigating the complex web of security threats to people, assets and operations and managing security threats is an essential part of doing business:

  • Security incidents can lead to financial and reputational damage, or in the worst cases, loss of life.
  • Limited knowledge of the security context in different parts of the world can lead to delays, increasing project costs and cancellations.

Maintaining the right balance between risk and opportunity is key. However, gathering reliable intelligence on security threats can be time-consuming and expensive.

By bringing together key security insights from around the world, GSI is a risk management tool that enables you to stay on top of the critical security dynamics which may impact your operations.



From those involved in strategic business decisions to those managing security of specific assets, GSI provides directly applicable insights:

  • Our country risk pages give detailed information about the national and regional security context.
  • Our threat ratings for eight key security threats provide a quantitative and methodologically robust assessment of threat levels across countries.
  • Our daily alerts provide a summary of the main security incidents and events across the world.
  • Our incidents database gives an insight into longer-term risk trends and trajectories.




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