We offer thoughtful, balanced rewards and support to help you do your best work and live your life outside it. These constantly evolve as we look for new ways to help you thrive.





We want you and your family to feel supported, healthy, and happy so you can be at your best in and outside of work.


Parental leave: we offer industry-leading parental leave – 39 weeks of maternity leave* and 6 weeks of paternity leave – so you can be fully present whether starting or growing your family. We also provide time off for fertility treatment, and additional support and leave if you and your partner experience miscarriage.

Medical cover: your health is our priority so we provide extensive private medical and dental insurance.

Mental health support: we are acutely aware that mental health issues can affect any of us at any time. We have a 24/7 confidential employee assistance programme for you and members of your household.

Pension: we will match your contributions to the company pension scheme up to 6 percent.

Time away: we believe everyone needs a break to perform at their best. We offer generous vacation allowances dependent on location, which increase by one day for every year worked at S-RM, up to a maximum of five additional days.

Time with your colleagues: S-RM’s social committees organise regular events and activities – online and in person – to help us connect, build relationships, share a wide range of interests, and most importantly, have fun.

*Maternity leave offered is 26 weeks on full pay, followed by 13 weeks on half pay.





We’re committed to providing you with the opportunities and training to progress in your career from your first day at the company.

Training: we’re all voracious learners, and keen to share our knowledge and experience. We provide dedicated training to develop your expertise, and you can apply for access to external resources, further education and certifications to support your professional growth.

Mentoring: we have a comprehensive mentoring program. Everyone can ask to be matched with a mentor to help navigate their career at S-RM and beyond.

Flexible working: how you work is an invaluable part of performing at your best. We provide you with the tools and freedom to work flexibly between your home and the office.





We offer a competitive remuneration package to reflect the exceptional contributions you will make to our business.  

  • Salary: we pay competitive salaries which are regularly reviewed to ensure everyone is compensated appropriately and fairly. 
  • Bonus: we offer discretionary annual bonuses to recognise and reward contribution based on both individual and company performance. 


Recognition is a vital part of our culture and enables us to share your achievements and the different ways they help make S-RM successful and a great place to work. From monthly ‘thank you’ awards to our annual ‘outstanding contribution’ award, we celebrate those who have gone the extra mile for colleagues or clients. 

Please check the job description for your role for more specific details on the benefits offered in each of our locations.