Intelligent Business: 2022 Strategic Intelligence Report & Guide

We spoke to over 200 creators and consumers of strategic intelligence to learn how organisations can best use intelligence to set and deliver their strategies. The result is 'Intelligent Business' our new report, plus a practical guide to strategic intelligence.

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The evolution of strategic intelligence in the corporate world 

Strategic intelligence is evolving, going beyond risk management and compliance to playing a fundamental role in organisational value creation. To understand the evolution, we surveyed over 200 consumers and creators of strategic intelligence in companies with a turnover greater than USD 250 million.

We discovered how organisations best use intelligence to further their goals and influence their company strategy. Explore the full research findings and practical guidance from S-RM’s Strategic intelligence team.

Read the report to learn how senior leaders from three multinational corporations are using strategic intelligence for competitive advantage.

Intelligence: The business of the business

Cheryl Steele, CSO, Starbucks Coffee Company, reflects on the role of strategic intelligence as the enabler and accelerator for organisational goals.

Partnering to achieve actionable insights

Gerald Karl, Chief Risk, Ethics & Compliance Officer, Brown-Forman Corporation, explains how the right partner can bring actionable intelligence into the business.

The future of strategic intelligence

Garrett Petreia, Vice President, Global Security & Resilience, Levi Strauss & Co, looks ahead into what the future intelligence function could look like.

S-RM’s Guide to Strategic Intelligence

Borne out of the research, our Guide to Strategic Intelligence shares practical ideas on how organisations can start to deepen their use of intelligence to inform business strategies. Each section is illustrated with a working example or collated tips from senior risk and compliance experts.


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"We believe we're at an inflection point. Intelligence is moving from pure compliance and risk management to playing a fundamental role in strategic and commercial decision making." In this short video, Martin Devenish MBE, Gala Rani, Sam Taylor and Gabrielle Reid together outline how we undertook research to test that belief and what we discovered in the results.  

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